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"And congratulations class of 2018!"
Hats were thrown in the air with cheers and grins on every student's faces. Happiness and excitement filled the air, with flash photography in the background.

Arms were thrown around me, "No more finals or dick sucking group projects!" MJ cheered crushing me to her side.

"Now we need to find a stable job." I laughed.
"Way to rip the fun out of every Parker." She glared at me.

I shrugged, "It's likely that we won't see anyone from here again. Either that or we'll forget about them. College sucks."
"Don't forget about the debt, all of that debt." MJ replied dramatically.

"That's why you get a job."
"Well not everyone has a sugar daddy!" MJ swatted me in the chest.

"He's not!" I choked.
"Yeah yeah sure." She rolled her eyes. "Are you coming to the after party? I promise there will be no LSD. We couldn't afford it anyway."

I smiled and shook my head, "Stephen and I have plans."
MJ nodded and patted my arm, "Ah yes, the take you to a fancy dinner then fuck your brains out at a even fancier hotel."

"MJ!" I shouted my face red.
"What? Am I wrong?" She questioned with a smirk.

That's not the point." I grumbled.
"I'll see you later. I think I see Liz." MJ waved goodbye before running into a crowd of people.

I sighed before making my way to a certain classroom.

"You know what this reminds me of?" I said loudly after a few seconds of watching Strange gather his things into his suitcase.

He looked up with a smile playing on his lips, "And what would that be Mr. Parker?"

"You know, a year ago, where we kissed for the first time." I walked closer to him so we were inches apart. My diploma loosely at my fingertips.

"Only a year huh? Feels like a lifetime." Stephen grinned wrapping his arms around my waist. "Sorta sounds like an anniversary."

"Well, I guess it's a good thing we're celebrating."
"Cheeky brat." Stephen laughed before placing a kiss on my lips. "My beautiful fiance."

"I love you."

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