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I sighed as I twirled my pen around my slim fingers. Class was so boring, and the people around me were so dull. I leaned my head against the palm of my hand and stared at the brown wall that was mostly covered with equations.

I thought college would be fun.

So far the only thing interesting was my medicine professor. The whole university talks about him. How young he is to be a professor. How deep his voice was, good looking.

Stephen Strange. Or Professor Strange.

I shivered thinking about him. I took his class in the evening so I could walk to work right after. A small mini mart that is close to the campus.

"That's all today. Don't forget about the final on Friday!" My math Professor shouted as people quickly made their way out of the dusty classroom.

"Hey Peter!" Ned called out catching up to me. I sighed in frustration but smiled at him. "So, um, I was wondering if you'll like to see a movie? Sometime?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm swamped with work and studying right now. Maybe during break?" I politely said. Ned grinned and nodded his head with a promise to text me later.

I immediately dropped the fake smile as we separated. Ned is a nice guy, but unfortunately for him I'm not into that. My tastes are older, and my skin aches to be touched by a certain professor.

I licked my lips and pulled down my baby blue sweater nervously as I entered his classroom. I took a seat at the front and watched as he wrote the lesson title on the board.

I felt my neck and thighs tinkle as he cleared his throat and turned to look at his class for the day. He observed who was going to be tardy and who was going to be on time.

My breath hitched as his gaze landed on me. A wink was sent my way and he began his lesson. I hummed lightly as he began to talk. Stephen was rich with taste to make me go insane.

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