Does it really matter

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His hands felt rough and firm against my head. I nuzzled my head under his chin and buried my face in his neck. An arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me in closer.

He hummed and played with the edge of my shirt. The feeling he brought to my lungs as a strong one. I licked my lips and started mouthing at his neck. The need to be closer and have him consume me was great.

The rush of everything was addictive.

"You know, this is very inappropriate." Strange spoke, we were currently at a dance club. One that was far away from the school. One that was hard to get in. Just to make sure that no one could recognize us.

I laughed and pulled myself away from the closeness. "Aw, what gave you that idea?" I joked with a light smile.
He shot me a playful glare and moved his hands down to grip at my hips.

"Your a cheeky one, aren't you." Strange smiled.
"Depends on your definition." I shrugged.

His laugh was beautiful and strong. I grinned up at the him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.
"You know this isn't really dancing. We're just swaying." I reported to the older man.

Strange winked and took my hand into his, "Who says that's not dancing?"
A slow song came on and he spun me to the beat. His eyes never leaving mine.

My heart slammed against my ribcage. The situation sinking into my head. My teacher is dancing with me. At a night club, with the smell of alcohol and sex in the air. But all the while he was just floating in my mind.

Like a high you never get rid of.

I pulled him in for a kiss and breathed him in deeply. Wanting to be in this time for awhile longer. Not thinking about tomorrow.

Strange deepened the kiss and clung to me tighter. We panted lightly as we broke apart. Fire spreading between us. And hands roaming the others body. God, this is good.

Palm Dream
Hayley Kiyoko

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