I don't remember it at all

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"Are you sure this is okay? It is quite scandalized." Stephen joked as he ran his hands over my hips and dipped down to squeeze my ass. 

I laughed as I pressed a kiss against his facial hair, "Yeah yeah old man, like you haven't broken rules before. Besides my roommate isn't here, he's gone until the end of the week." I informed him.

"Is that so? Should I be jealous? We all know what happens when roommates party with each other." Strange said raising an eyebrow.

"Well, it's a good thing that I don't drink. Save for you, I'll only drink with your professor." I spoke while playing with his tie. "C'mon, nothing bad is going to happen. Just stay the night, we don't even have to do anything, I just want to cuddle with you." 

"Alright." Stephen sighed, "But only because you beg oh so nicely." He teased. I giggled as he lifted me up and walked over the couch and sat me down. "But, what if I want something to happen, hmm?"

"My, my, are you planning on deflowering me, professor?" 
Stephen howled in laughter as his entire body shook. "Okay, that went overboard fast."

I smiled, "I mean sure, deflowering was so 2008 ago."
"God, you're fantastic Peter." Strange grinned up at me.

I hummed and leaned down to press a short kiss onto his lips. However, the sound of grunting from the closet stopped us.

"What the hell?" Stephen whispered frowning his eyebrows. He looked at me with a questioning glance.
I shrugged my shoulders and carefully got off of him and walked up to the closet with my heart beating fast.

"What the hell Ned!" I shouted as I opened the closet door and found him standing in the cramped space with a camera. "Jesus, what the actual fuck?"

"Peter! It's not what you think!" Ned desperately replied trying to keep his balance and not fall over the stack of books that fell on top of him.

"Ned? You know him?" Stephen asked his eyes wide with panic.
"Wait, yeah, no, I mean he's my friend. But it's not like that! I didn't know he was here." I tried to stop the older man from leaving.

"Let go of me Peter." Strange said shrugging off my arm and vanishing out of sight.


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