Look me in the face

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"I talked with Ned, he's sorry and I told him to stay back for a while until everything calmed down." MJ said setting down a cup of tea in front of me.

"Yeah." I mumbled adjusting my sweater closer to my face to better hide my face.
"You know that you can't mope forever. You'll have to face reality eventually." MJ spoke stirring her coffee with a straw.

"Just let me be in pain!" I whined and leaned my head against the table.
"Oh man up dude! You'll find someone else to put up with your needy ass." MJ sighed.

"Okay ouch, first of all, that hurt. Second of all, getting over someone who you love isn't easy." I shot back.
"You love him?" MJ asked she voice going soft.

I nodded my head and buried my face into my arms.
"Okay, now do I have a reason to buried him alive in an abandoned warehouse?"

"No MJ! Still illegal. Besides he's still my teacher until the end of the semester." I groaned.
"Whatever." MJ huffed and leaned back in her seat.

"Well look at this, you have an internship coming up, and you're graduating in three months. Chin up, you got a lot going for you. Don't let some guy who broke your heart ruin that."

I smiled at her attempt to cheer me up, "Yeah, you're right. Still hurts though."

MJ nodded in understanding, "I know it does. But if you let a relationship control your life, it's not healthy. I don't get what you two had, but you looked at him like he hung the stars and he took advantage of that."

"I wouldn't say that, we just rushed things. We weren't ready for someone to find us out." I defended in a weak voice. "Can we just talk about something else?"

"Yeah sure. When does your internship start?" MJ inquired.

"Tuesday, it's only for two weeks though. Hopefully, that'll keep me busy for a while." I answered, "I should get going. I'll call later." I stood up and placed ten dollars down on the table. "Bye." I waved and left the cafe with a heavy heart.


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