Offer me that deathless death

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Dear Peter,

I am so so sorry about what happened. I really can't say what exactly overcame me. And I know that no matter how much I apologize it won't change what I put you through. I completely ruined our friendship and I wish I hadn't. So I'm going away, I got a job interview in England so you won't be seeing much of me.

I'll miss you Pete, and I hope that one day you'll find it in yourself to forgive me. I wish you the best. And hopefully, I didn't screw things up with Stephen for you.

Best wishes,

I sighed and returned the letter back in the envelope. After seven weeks of no noise of his end, he decides to send a letter. I don't know if I wanted to cry or laugh more. It was truly ironic.

He did everything he didn't want to do in that letter.

"Hey Peter, you heading home?" Mason's voice echoed throughout the empty office. He was my mentor for the internship I have at the hospital.

I glanced up and coughed, "Yeah, got to do some packing for tomorrow." I replied getting out of my seat.
"Ah, your moving right? Out of your dorm? That's nice!" Mason nodded with a smile.

I cleared my throat and looked down as I adjusted the straps of my backpack, this was making me uncomfortable.

"Oh yeah, would you like to have dinner with me? You know before you leave?" Mason asked rubbing his hands together nervously.

Oh great. "Um, not really. I'm really busy with packing and finals. I just don't have the time." I answered walking out of the office to head outside.

"Oh please? It doesn't even have to be dinner, maybe just a coffee? I really felt that we connected." Mason augured as he followed me out of the building.

"I said no ple-"
"Peter?" A voice questioned.

My heart skipped a beat and I paused at my tracks as my eyes connected to grey ones. "Stephen?"

Take me to church

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