Chapter 35: Power of the Muse

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Erik trembled for a moment. Then he sneered and roared:

"No one can defeat me!" but he felt he couldn't call forth his spirit anymore as he was weakened, so he decided to use the supreme blast once again instead, now without the Dragon spirit's power: "Leo Style, Battler Art, Emperor Mode, Final Craft - Blast of the Sun!" he blew out the powerful golden ray.

Much to both his and the collapsed girls' surprise and horror, the monstrous blue-haired guy just raised one of his blue-fired hands and the ray collided with it, dispersing around in a blast as if it had hit an unbreakable barrier. Erik's jaw dropped - he dodged it with his bare hand?!

A demonic laugh ran through the hall.

"Ouch, a scratch..." Kokujin frowned and rubbed his cheek which was bleeding from such a tiny cut as if a thorn had scratched him. His icy blue eyes fired up with rage: "You dared scratch the Demon Lord?!" his infernal roar thundered through the hall as he burst up with blue flames around his whole body: "No forgiveness! No mercy!"

 His icy blue eyes fired up with rage: "You dared scratch the Demon Lord?!" his infernal roar thundered through the hall as he burst up with blue flames around his whole body: "No forgiveness! No mercy!"

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Erik shuddered with his eyes widened:

"W... What is this monster?!"

But the worst was still forward - the crazy eyes of the maddened boy locked on him, and when he raised a hand, he didn't even cast any spell... the blue flame ray just emerged out of it, and hit him hard, blasting him into the wall.

"Ah!!!" he roared in pain as his own flesh burned. No way! How come I, a Fire user, am burning?!

He couldn't even get back to his feet when he noticed the monster had come straight up to him. He gasped and looked up, gazing into his shimmering demonic eyes. Before he could even react, a strong hand grabbed his neck and pulled him up, suffocating him. The demonic young man chuckled:

"Can the other divisions hear me?"

Erik widened eyes - he had access to those teams' Telepathic System too?! He wasn't even a Zodiac Master! Once all the team members heard such an unfamiliar voice, they gasped as well, while still fighting Erik's other clones.

"Who is it?" Edmund asked in dismay.

"Where are the girls?" Nick got worried too.

Kokujin answered with a cackle:

"It is an ally, for the meantime. I've got a pest grabbed here... Are you other guys ready to take out the remaining three? Because my hand's itching to finish this one off..." he clutched Erik's throat even tighter, making him gasp for air.

"What? But who are you?" Edmund blinked - he meant he was going to finish Erik's clone off with bare hands?!

"Demon Lord Kokujin, enchanté... (Pleasure - French) So are you ready or not?"

"Um, yes..." Edmund was now totally dumbfounded - Demon Lord?! What the heck did he mean?

"Wait, you said... Kokujin?" Nick's voice called out in stupefaction, "Tamie's muse?!"

"Nice to finally hear your voice, Nick," Kokujin grinned, "I always wanted to meet you in the real world..."

"Tamie's muse?!" both Edmund and Diana's team exclaimed with stupor - she had already unleashed her muse, so fast?

"We're ready!" Shiba then called out, fighting beside Diana.

"I'm ready too. Do it, Kokujin," Nick shouted.

"With pleasure," Kokujin grinned devilishly and looked back at cramping Erik who was completely terrorized, "Well, say goodbye to the precious life you lingered for, pest. I didn't like you from the start".

He clutched his fist, squeezing Erik's throat, and the whole clone shone red, vanishing in a blast. In the mansion of the Braun, three other blasts were heard right at the same time. Then, the final blow came:

"Capricorn Style, Builder Art, Demigod Mode, Final Craft - Blast of Saturn!" Goldmund blasted Jan's struggling Ghost Clone inside the glass box, killing him off forever.

It was all over. The collapsed girls watched the blackened man from the behind, whose black tunic was floating in the wind caused by the blast, and his blue hair played with the breeze...

"That is Tamie's muse?" Tiger murmured, barely able to move. She could remember he had a different face when fighting with Fiorette, and he wasn't this powerful. To have something like this up one's sleeve...

"Amazing," Riza uttered.

So this was the true power hiding inside Tamie's world of imagination - her innate companion, male muse, Kokujin...

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