Chapter 1

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Ayan reached the hospital only to see her mother in the Intensive Care Unit. She had suffered from a major myocardial infarction and was in a very critical condition at that moment.
His father was sitting on the waiting chair with tear- filled eyes. Ayan ran towards his father and engulfed him in a hug and cried for a good 5 minutes.

After a while, Ayan sat on the floor next to the ICU, leaning against the wall and thinking Why was it supposed to be HIS mother? Why didn't Allah choose someone else? Why was it supposed to be HIM who had to go through all of this? What would he do if something happens to his mother.

Sara and Shehroze came and sat next to him. They tried to console him by saying don't worry, everything will be fine but their words did not work. He was completely broken. He couldn't find his peace. He couldn't just find comfort in someone's words. No one could console him. The only thing that could console him at that time was a prayer, a request to Allah to give him his mother back but he was totally and completely ignorant of the fact that Allah could help someone when the needed it the most.

After two long lasting- hours, the Doctor came out of the ICU and said that the patient is advancing towards stability, however she still needs prayers. ' ' Prayers' , yeah right.. as if they're gonna be answered.' thought Ayan. All of them heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing that she's advancing towards stability but still they had the ' what if' fear somewhere inside them. Everyone could see the ray of hope that was evident in Ayan's eyes.

It was almost 11 in the night when Ayan's father asked Sara and Shehroze to leave because it was too late. They obeyed him and left although they did not want to leave Ayan alone at such a crucial time but Ayan affirmed that he'll be okay.

After Sara and Shehroze left the place, it was just Ayan and his father. Ayan went to his father and said, ' Dad, do you know what mom meant to me? Do you know how much i loved her? Do you know that she always had my back no matter what? Do you even know how pure her love was for me?' Ayan's voice started breaking. His father replied to him, ' Yes son I do. I know what she meant to you and what you meant to her.' They both shed some silent tears when they heard the Azhaan from the hospital mosque.

Upon hearing the Azhaan, Ayan felt a strange kind of solace brewing within his soul. As if something was pushing him to go towards it but being the stubborn Ayan he was, he let go of this thought and satisfied his mind by saying, ' If there would have been some benefit in turning to Allah, he wouldn't have done this to MY mother.' Little did he know, it was this Allah who had blessed him so much but he was completely ignorant of this.

Ayan was deeply immersed in his thoughts when he heard the creaking sound of the ICU door. Ayan stood up in an instant and went to the doctor who had just come out. 'How is my mom? When can i see her? When will she be able to talk? What food should i make her eat?', said Ayan , all at once to which the doctor replied in a rather serious tone , ' Hey listen young man, the patient's heart suddenly stopped beating, we tried making some progress by artificial means but it was of no use. We tried very very hard to save her, but i'm very sorry to say that your mother is NO MORE.'

Ayan grabbed the doctor by his collar, ' Hey listen Mr, do you have any idea what are you saying. Do you even realize what it means? This is not possible. You're lying. This is not the truth. Please tell me you're lying. Please.' Ayan's voice weakened while saying the last line. ' I'm sorry but this is the truth, I am really sorry.'

Ayan let go of the doctor and took two steps behind in shock and denial until he was stopped by a wall. He felt as if his soul had shattered into thousands of pieces, he felt as if his heart was sinking. He felt as if he would go with his mother. He felt as if, as if someone had torn him from within. His mother, HIS mother was not in this world anymore. He was alone. He had no one to have his back. His soul was pierced.

Ayan suddenly felt his vision blurring and he lost his consciousness. He fell down on the floor. His father came running towards him and tried to bring him round. He opened his eyes only to find him in the hospital again. But this time not for the doctor to tell him that his mother is okay, but to take his mother's dead body home.


He couldn't contain the river of emotions inside him and let out his tears. His eyes had swollen up. He felt as if this day had put a full stop to the world. He felt as if this news had killed him internally.

The hospital crew put his mother's dead body in the ambulance along with Ayan and his father and all of them headed home. There was already a huge gathering of friends and relatives at their home as they arrived. Ayan did not have the courage to talk to anybody so he locked himself in his room for 10 minutes to fully understand what had happened and what will happen.

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