Chapter 5

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It had been a week since Ayan had reached the US. He had already joined the university he was admitted in. He had busied himself in studies, so he was least bothered about what was happening back home. He did not face any difficulty in adjusting in the mew environment because he was very keen to start his life all over again. And just as they say, ' When you're keen to do something, no power on earth can stop you from achieving that.' These words of wisdom proved correct in Ayan's case.

Sara had said yes to Shehroze and both of them had gotten engaged in a simple house function within a week. Sara had to prove this to Ayan that she would get someone better than him, who didn't want to be a wannabe mullah himself and didn't want her to dress up in a shuttlecock burqah.

Ayan had finally taken a leave from the university for one day because he was not feeling well. He had a slight headache so he decided to skip university. He thought a good sleep would help him feel better because he did not have a proper sleep since he came here.

He woke up late that day but woke up in-between for Fajr because he couldn't dare to miss any prayer. He had nothing to do in particular so he decided to check on his father and how things were going on back home. He got up from the bed and went to the washroom to have a quick shower.

He was living in a studio apartment that was very spacious and suitable for one person that his father has purchased for him.

He came out of the washroom after 15 minutes and decided to have something for breakfast. He poured milk in a glass and took his medicine with the milk. He hadn't contacted his father in five days so he was certainly going to check on him after he finished his breakfast that comprised of a boiled egg and toast.

He put his phone on charging in the mobile charging slot near his bed and jumped on his bed to check on all his messages he had recieved. Just as he checked his call log, he found out that his father had called him multiple times but he didn't check on his work. He immediately dialled his number and assured him of his safety and well being. He also got to know about how things were going on back home. Soon afterwards, he disconnected the call and started scrolling his facebook feed.

He liked several Islamic pages and unfollowed many useless pages. He was slowly changing into a good Muslim and there was absolutely no doubt in that. He was completely steadfast in his prayers and always trusted Allah no matter what. Also he had stopped wearing western clothes even in the US where you rarely get to see Muslims.

While he was scrolling his feed, his finger stopped at two very familiar names.
He read a status update he never in his 22 years had thought he would see.
' Sara Ali Got Engaged to Shehroze Usman.'
Followed by a picture.

His finger froze to the the point

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His finger froze to the the point. He was so shocked to see this would be an understatement. He never in his life expected this to happen. He felt a little shattered from the inside on the thought of being replaced and forgotten so easily. Maybe he didn't have an importance for anyone anymore. Just because he was slowly becoming a good person, just because he was going towards his real destination?
Many thoughts were slowly starting to encompass his mind.
' Shehroze, really?'
' But I had always imagined Sara with me.'
' Shehroze never showed any interest in her except that they were very good friends.'
' Maybe all this was planned and Sara was just making a fool out of me.'

Suddenly Ayan realized that why was he thinking all this. Sara was nothing but a part of his past to which he didn't want to go back. Maybe that was because Islam teaches us the lesson of compassion and no matter what she did to him, he still had a soft spot for her. After all, she was something to him some time ago.

To avoid any sort of negativity around him, he began to think of all the good reasons he had left Sara for. She wanted to distance him from his Creator and he would never ever do that because he found his solace, peace and contentment in his life. She wanted to live a life of ignorance, once again and that he was never going to do. Thinking all this, he felt relaxed to a great extent.

It was almost dhuhr time, he performed ablution and offered his prayers. After praying, he made a dua to his creator, his Lord, ' Oh Allah, I've chosen your path, please don't let me go into the darkness of ignorance, please enlighten my path with your mercy. I've already faced many difficulties in this way, and this incident was one of them. Ya Allah please don't let them weaken my faith. I have burnt all boats to kickstart my life that'd lack ignorance. Ya'Allah please don't disappoint me. You love your servants, please help me.'

After saying this prayer, he folded the prayer mat and wiped his watery eyes. He promised himself that no matter whatever difficulties he would have to face in Allah's way, he would never let anything come in - between him and Allah. He won't let anybody or any wordly thing come in between this heart to heart connection.

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