Chapter 11

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Life was going on with its flow.
Sara was left all alone, with no one to look after her. Her education was incomplete, so nobody would hire her without a degree. Life was becoming miserable. She wasn't sure if she would survive. She was shattered. That Sara who never stood second, lost her battle. She was pushed to the ground. Allah had tightened her rope, and that too, in the most unexpected way.
She was currently residing in a Shelter home for the homeless. Little did she know, someone was proving to be an angel in disguise for her at this time too. And both of them didn't have the slightest hint about it.


Noticing the worried expressions on Ayan's face, his father waved his hand in front of him which made him come out of his bubble of thoughts.
" What happened, young boy? Where are you lost?" Asked his daddy.

" Baba, I'm honestly scared right now. What if all you're saying is true? And what if she rejects me? Baba, my struggle to cope up with life is in front of you. I cannot have another heartbreak. I have made myself and my connection with the Almighty strong enough that it won't let me shatter, but still I am scared. The episode and relationship with Sara was just an illusion of this delusional world. Hania's the one I genuinely admire because of her grace and the haya in her eyes. I want her to be happy, I want myself to be happy by the blessings of Almighty."

Ayan teared up saying all this. His father gave him a tight hug and being the support system he always had been, he said, " My dearest Yaani, My intention was not to destroy your happiness. I was just stating a possibility. I know your intentions are pure and you just want to be happy with her. Pray for her to Allah. He will listen to your prayer. Just pray and believe. The power of a strong belief and prayer is unparalleled and there's nothing in the world that cannot be conquered by that."


The life in the shelter home was monotonous. Sara remained quiet most of the day. One day, an old woman was brought to the shelter home who was abandoned by her son. She had pain in her eyes. She had tears which didn't flow down her cheeks but were evident. She wasn't crying. She wasn't even complaining about How miserable can life be. All she did was to pray to Allah for her son's guidance.

Sara observed that woman. And then she compared herself with her. What was she? A lifeless soul full of complaints and regrets? Had she asked her creator for forgiveness? Had she even realised her mistakes. No. She hadn't even realised that all that was coming before her, was actually the result of her own deeds.

Sara lied down and closed her eyes. It was almost dawn and the old woman, Halima Bi, had woken up for Fajr prayer. Halima Bi didn't know Sara was awake too.
One by one, Sara began recalling her life incidents.
Her childhood, her loving parents, her friends. Her squad. Ayan and Shahroze. Her love for Ayan. Their bond. The death of Ayan's mother. The change in Ayan's lifestyle. Her heartless behaviour for Ayan. Another chance encounter with him. Her marriage with Shahroze, Shahroze turning out to be just another trashy, dominating, angry young man, her divorce, the death of her parents, and her ending up in this Shelter home.

A silent sob escaped her mouth as she recalled whatever happened in her life but Halima Bi heard it. Halima Bi was free from her prayer and was doing the tasbeeh on her prayer mat. Halima Bi very lovingly called her, ' Sara betay, Come here. I know you're awake.'

Sara didn't talk to Halima Bi much but she wanted a support system and a shoulder to cry on at that time so she obliged. " Sara betey, I know you're hurt. I won't ask you to spill all your story in front of me in an instant because I'm well aware of how it feels to be stranded on an island with a stranger, and of-course I'm a stranger for you right now. Beta, I have lived for 65 years now. I've seen the cruelties of this world. I have seen how selfish the world is.. I don't know what happened to you, but i would suggest you to ask Almighty Allah to help you. He is Ghafoor and Rahim . He will listen to you, he will help you out. Indeed he is the most forgiving."

Halima Bi's words acted like a healer for her broken heart. She hugged Halima Bi, Halima Bi caressed her long, silky hair and comforted her. Sara knew she could trust Halima Bi, so she told her story from A-Z and burst out crying as she mentioned how she ended up here. Her story was full of complaints for Allah but Halima Bi very patiently heard whatever she had to say and then began,
" Sara beta, duniya makafaat e amal hai. ( The world rewards you for your deeds)
Please reflect on yourself, maybe you've done wrong here. Maybe you need to self-reflect. Maybe what you did is coming in front of you. But don't worry my child, ask your Rabb-e- Kareem to forgive you. He, who loves his people more than 70 mothers, would not like to see them in pain."

Sara burst in tears as she realised her mistakes one by one. Halima Bi gave her the time to vent out and then Sara said, " Halima Bi, are you sure Allah SWT would forgive me? I am so bad, i have done so bad."
" Why not beta, If you ask your mother for forgiveness repeatedly on your biggest mistake, she would eventually forgive you. So why do you not expect your creator, who loves you more than 70 mothers to forgive you? Ask him repeatedly for forgiveness from the core of your heart. He will forgive you." said Halima Bi.

" Come on, i will teach you how to perform ablution. Come, let's make you offer Fajr prayer and pray to Allah to ease your difficulties.' Sara smiled an obliged.

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