Chapter 10

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' Baba i want to get married.'
' And that too, within a week.'
Mr. Khan took a minute to digest what his son had just said. He was the same Ayan who ran away from the idea of marriage because of his past. He was finally letting go of it. He finally let someone in.
He finally found solace and bliss. But the question was still there. Would she agree?
What if she rejects? Will I be able to bear a heartbreak again? The word again hurt him, it shattered him all over again.
But he had promised never to crumble, he had promised to always believe in Allah and all he would find would be eternal, in the form of happiness and comfort.
' Son alright alright! Do you like someone?'
' Baba i won't say i like someone for that matter, because this is against our religion,
But yes, i have an inclination that I'm very inspired by her ways and her presence around makes me feel happy.'
' Son, make sure this isn't out of sympathy or humanity.' Said his father, putting Ayan in a deep thought.
' Hello, are you there?' came a voice from the other side, interrupting his thought process.

' Baba, i gave it a thought before you. I think, I genuinely have developed an admiration for her morals, her character and her persona. Yes, there has been an incident in her life where I could've thought to stand by her in sympathy but.. no. I've realised it's not thing.'

' Well, well my mature boy. See your baba boarding the earliest flight to Karachi.' Said his father with a smirk.


She woke up in an unfamiliar surrounding. The sound of machines around her were haunting her. She took a while to come back to reality. As she remembered the course of events that had happened lately, tears started rolling down her cheeks.
She was shattered. Her world was shattered in the blink of an eye.
She lost her everything. Her husband. Her home. Her family. Her wealth. Her happiness. All at once.
And it hurt.
More than everything, it hurt.
Now she had nobody. Literally nobody to fall back upon. The same Sara who was feeling proud on what she had done a while ago was now crying with excruciating pain. Which wasn't physically there. But she could feel it.
The same Sara who never regretted anything she had ever done. Now regret and remorse was killing her. It was weakening her, both internally and externally.

Shehroze started having a mental seizure. His brain was freezing. He couldn't comprehend what was happening. The tension in the environment was too much for him to handle. He fell on the carpeted floor.
He suffered from a brain haemorrhage.
A handsome man with his shades on, dressed in a black Kurta Shalwar was standing in the waiting lounge of Karachi international airport.
He was waiting for his father to come. He was dying to meet his dad. For he had onky one pure and selfless relation.
' Assalam o Alaikum Babaaaa.' Shouted Ayan, seeing his father from a distance.
' Walaikum Assalam.' Mr Khan's moving eyes were brought to a focus.
The focus of his life.
His son۔
' Babaaa, i missed you so much.' Said Ayan, embracing his father in a hug.
' Son are you gonna ask everything on the airport or you're taking me home as well.' Teased his father and he reciprocated with a laugh.

Ayan led his baba to the car.
' Ah.. the same Karachi I had seen an eternity ago. The smell of the air is still the same. The warmth is still the same.' Said Mr. Khan remembering his old times he had spent as a student in Karachi.
Ayan replied with a smile.
Finally the car stopped in front of Ayan's big house. His father was amazed to see his house. It was big. But the house was no biggie for Ayan.
His ideology was that sometimes in the biggest of the houses, you cannot connect with your creator. Yet sometimes, in just a mere hut, you get the closest to him.
That is so wonderful.
And beautiful at the same time.
Ayan had kept the inside very simple. No luxury. Nothing.
Just a cook, a maid and a gatekeeper.

' Son, I must say I'm very proud of you.' Said Mr. Khan with tear filled eyes. He was genuinely very proud on how far he had come.
' Baba, actually I needed you to speak to Hania's family.
Her father has passed away. She lives with her mother and her younger siblings and has become a huge support system for them, both spiritually and financially.
She has had a proposal which she is not very happy about. She is not very much inclined towards the idea of marriage yet. She doesn't want to discontinue supporting her family.'
' All this in it's place son, but as you mentioned before. She isn't inclined towards the idea of marriage yet, yeah? So what makes you think she will accept your proposal? What if she doesn't feel the same way about you?' Said Mr Khan.

Ayan was silent. There was complete silence in the room. He hadn't given this thing a thought. Why did this have to break his happy cloud.
Why is life so hard?
Life is indeed hard but with resolute faith in Allah Almighty, you can conquer the world.

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