Chapter 7

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Hania Taimoor had been getting along with her new job very well. Not for once she gave Ayan a chance to get displeased.

After two weeks, Asfandyar returned from Russia, happy and contented, after signing the business deal.  He used to share a brotherly bond with Ayan and both had become very close. He knew each and everything about his past, the bitter memories and the circumstances that made him a better person.

' Ayan, my child, Hashim's son Ali is getting married this weekend and they're insisting to bring you along. I've told them that you're in Karachi for your job but they're insisting that you should come back for three days only.' said Mr. Ahmad over the phone. Ayan was sitting in his office when his phone rang and his father broke the news. ' B..But Baba, I have alot of workload here and I cannot get some days off when there's so much to do. Can you please excuse them from my side ...'

Ayan was still on the phone when Asfandyar walked in. ' Why do you want to take an excuse from somebody, mister?' said Asfandyar and Ayan said, ' Baba, Boss is here, i'll let you know in a while.' After disconnecting the call, Ayan turned to Asfandyar, ' Yeah Sir, just a wedding of my father's best friend's son, I've told dad that it is nearly impossible for me to come because of the workload. Alot of working is left on the deal with the Russian Company, ya know.'

' Nearly.. not completely impossible Ayan. I'm giving you a week off. I know you've been working tirelessly since the day you joined and never took an off. So go enjoy.' said Asfandyar.
' But Sir..'
' No uts and buts, you'll go. Don't say no to the boss boy.'
Ayan face started beaming with happiness because he was genuinely thankful for all the wonderful people he was blessed with in his life after a tragic past. He just couldn't thank Allah enough.

The next morning, Ayan came to the office dressed in a blue suit, looking handsome as ever. He had an important meeting to attend and had already notified Hania about that.
' Miss Hania, have you prepared the presentation slides you have to present before the investors?' Asked Ayan to Hania who was giving a final reading to the presentation she had prepared. ' Yes Sir, just proofreading it.'
' That is good.' , Said Ayan and walked out of the office.

Meanwhile Hania was nervous that she could mess something up because it was her first ever presentation and she had no clue on how to do it. At the same time, Ayan was confident that she would ace anything she would step in, because she had started to understand her. He had started to know who she was, and her too.
A little.

Ayan remembered that he had left his cellphone in the office when he bumped into someone running towards the conference room. The scent was something he was mesmerized by but he could not think of that. He instantly shrugged his thoughts off and murmured silently, ' Allah please, do not fill my mind with such stuff.'

Hania too, was very embarrassed of what had happened because it was the first time in forever when something like this had happened. She said, ' I'm so sorry Sir, i just didn't notice.' ' All good, Miss Hania, take care.' Said Ayan and walked towards his office. He sat down on the chair and closed his eyes for a while. All at once he saw her.

He could not think of this. This was wrong but he couldn't stop himself. She had a grace, a class and a pure soul. She was something else.

Anyhow, the meeting started. Hania was invited to brief the investors about the opportunities of investment Khan Group of Industries provided to its clients. Ayan was sure she's not mess anything up and give a good presentation but he was genuinely surprised on the quality of her presentation. She was so brilliant. Ayan listened to her with undivided attention and all thanks to her, the investors were clearly impressed and agreed to the deal.

' Shehroze, Stop shouting at me at every damn thing, Can't you see I'm in the Kitchen.' Shouted Sara from the Kitchen at Shehroze who was telling her to iron his clothes for office, very harshly. Shehroze came in the Kitchen , ' Miss please stay in yur limits and lower your voice. Who on Earth do you think you are.' said Shehroze violently shaking her arms. She had gotten used to the harsh behaviour her husband had been showinh lately but she never expected him to be this harsh. The hot water from the stove cell on her arm and it got burnt.

Shehroze, although, was getting harsh towards Sara but he still had a little feeling of care, a little affection for her in a small corner of his heart. But Sara, she was starting to lose whatever little they had, slowly and gradually.

' Oh My God, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to..' said Shehroze running around the house in search of bandage and ointment. He bandaged her and went to office without saying a word. After saying goodbye to him, Sara said, ' Maybe I made a wrong decision. This is not what I wanted.' And heaved a sigh.

Ayan took a flight to Islamabad three days prior to the wedding. After the plane landed, he sat in the car his father had sent to pick him up. As he rolled down the tinted window, he could feel the calming breeze of the capital and the smell of the clean air, which was his favourite. Shortly, the car stopped in front of the door of his house. He had returned after 6 months. He had missed everything so much.

' Ayan, my son. Finally you're here. You made me wait alot my son.' Said Ayan's father who came out running to meet his son, the source of calmness for him. ' Assalamo Alaikum Baba, i missed you so much.' Said Ayan and hugged his father. Both went inside and spent the whole evening talking about his job and the new home in Karachi.

Three days passed quicker than Ayan had expected and it was Ali's Nikkah already. Ayan was dressed in a blue shalwar qameez, keeping everything as simple as he could and went off to the Nikkah with his father.

Everyone from the guests was surprised to see a changed Ayan. Seeing a completely mature, much closer to Allah and much far away from worldly things was indeed a big shock for  everyone who had seen an ignorant goon before.

Ayan was standing near the reception when he heard a very familiar voice. Blonde hair settled on one shoulder was her trademark since forever and she was no different at that time as well. She turned around and looked at Ayan straight in the eye. Ayan's eyes were wide open with shock and surprise.
' YOU.'

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