Chapter 12

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As Sara bowed down in Rukoo and then in Sajdah, she felt a strange kind of solace and comfort passing through her body. It felt like fresh, clean and serene air surrounding her. She had found her destination. Her real destination.

After she was done with her prayer, she sat down and raised her hands for dua. Before she could utter any word, a lone tear travelled down her cheek and was absorbed in her shirt. She was realising her mistakes one by one and she wanted Allah's forgiveness.
She began, ' Ya Allah, you are Al- Rehman and Al- Raheem. You are indeed the most forgiving. Ya Allah I was captivated by this world and its colours. Ya Allah I ignored the most beautiful reality of my life. Ya Allah i took every single blessing of yours for granted. I destroyed my relationship with you. I destroyed every single thing. Ya Allah, I wouldn't have realised all this had you not tightened my rope. Ya Allah, thankyou for making me realise my wrong doings. Ya Allah you are the most forgiving and the most loving. Ya Allah please forgive me. I know I'm not worthy of forgiveness after all i have done but please, please forgive me.'

Her sobs were so loud for everyone to hear but Halima Bi didn't come forward to console her, she knew that she needed some time alone to vent out. She needed some time to talk to her creator who is the most beneficial and merciful. After completing her prayer, Sara folded her prayer mat and kept it on the table. She opened the window. The cool Morning breeze gave her happiness and comfort. She kept standing near the window for a good 10 minutes and felt lighter than ever. As if a burden had been lifted off her shoulders. The burden of her wrong deeds was surely lifted. She had found herself.

She felt a little sleepy and lied down on her bed alongside Halima Bi. Halima Bi ran her fingers through her silky hair and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Sara slept like a baby. Yes, her insomniac self slept peacefully and soundly and Halima Bi was delighted to see her this way.


" Ayan beta, I need to talk to you today. Please come home early today. I have something very important to talk about." Said his father over the phone.
" Baba, I'm so busy today, can you please say over the phone." Replied Ayan.
" No beta, please just come for once? Please." Pleaded his father to which he could not deny.
" Okay Baba, see you."

Mr Ahmed Khan ( Ayan's father ) was becoming weak day by day and he knew he did not have much time left. So he decided to consult his doctor about his condition.
He had visited the doctor last week while Ayan was at the office and the report had just come out today in which he was diagnosed with haemophilia ( cancer of the blood cells ) and that was last stage too.

" Yes Baba, what did you want to talk about?" Asked Ayan when they sat down for tea in the evening.
" Yes Beta, as you know I'm growing old and I might not have much time left, so I want to see you happy and settled. We are visiting Hania's family tomorrow." Said Mr. Khan, successfully hiding his disease from his son.

He had said all this like every old parent does so Ayan could not sense that something was wrong. His father always had that signature smile on his face which was there that very moment too.

Ayan was delighted to hear what his father had to say. " Alright Baba, as you wish. We will go tomorrow In Sha Allah." In one corner of the heart Ayan was sure that Hania would not reject him because he had an inclination that she liked him too. But when he thought about what she said during her job interview made him worried. "What if she rejects me because she wants to support her family!" thought Ayan.

He knew that overthinking would not do him any good so he offered his Ishaa prayer and laid down to sleep making dua from Allah SWT. The next day would be so special for him.


" Mrs. Taimoor, Assalam o Alaikum. Let me introduce myself. You might know Mr. Ayan Ahmed Khan under whom your daughter works!? I am his father." said Mr Ahmed Khan as he sat down on the sofa of the drawing room. He had not brought Ayan along with him as it did not look good.

" Nice to meet you Mr. Khan, how may I help you?" Asked Mrs Taimoor.
" Ma'am i will come straight to the point. I am growing old now and I want to see my son happy and settled and he has shown his interest in your daughter. Not that he's doing an affair or something, but he has an inclination towards her. And he's a very learned Islamic boy Alhamdulillah."

Mrs Taimoor was surprised at the straight forwardness of the guest but she could not say anything. She almost knew everything about them because Hania had told her everything about her office and the people.

As she opened her mouth to say something, Mr Khan interrupted her and said, " I know everything about your daughter and how she wants to be a support system for her family. So let me assure you that she won't face any problem in it. She can continue her Job even after her marriage and continue to prove herself."

" Sir, i know you guys very well but I need to ask my daughter first. I myself want to get her married but she doesn't pay a heed whenever i bring up this topic." Said Mrs. Taimoor.

" Thankyou very much Mrs. Taimoor, I will be waiting for your reply. Please do not disappoint me. My son will break once again." said Mr Khan while Saying his goodbyes.


Two days later, Ayan had to visit the Shelter home In Islamabad he had started on the name of his mother. He had to check for the availability of basic facilities and the recreational facilities available there. He also had to meet and pay his thanks to the donors who had been a constant support during this time.

Ayan came and sat down with the elderly first of all, he listened to their stories and consoled them. All of them were thankful to God for blessing them with a Son like Ayan and always prayed for his happiness and well being.

" Sister Rumana, please show me the list of new admissions we have here."
" Yes Sir, I'll bring it right away."

As Ayan browsed through the names of the new admissions, his eyes and finger stopped on one name. He was shocked and surprised. He could not believe what he had just read.

Name: Sara Ali Khan
Age: 23 years
City: Islamabad.

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