Chapter 4

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Ayan felt shattered. As if someone had ripped him apart from within, so brutally, so dangerously. He felt as if he would never be able to pick himself back up. Two weeks, just two weeks had changed his life drastically. Two people whom he loved the most, left him. All alone. He was so vulnerable at the moment.

He began to think whether he had made his life changing decision in haste? Maybe that's the reason his life is falling apart. Maybe he chose the incorrect path. All kinds of weird thoughts were encompassing his mind. He was in a state of confusion when suddenly he began to think about what could be the reason behind this. Maybe Allah was testing his faith. Maybe Allah wanted to test his patience and whether he had a staunch belief in Allah.

Ayan shrugged all the weird thoughts off his mind and told himself, ' Allah is testing me. Allah wants to check my patience. He wants me to remain steadfast in his path, and that i will. In Sha Allah. And i'm very hopeful that these dark nights will turn into bright sunny mornings one day. Because Allah has promised this to me.'

______________________________Sara and Shehroze had started their university studies once again

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Sara and Shehroze had started their university studies once again.
' Congratulations Sara, I guess you and Ayan are officially engaged now.' , said Rabia who had just taken the seat beside Sara.

' Hey listen up. How dare you come sit close to me you middle-class brat. And why are you s concerned about my private life. If you're so keen to know, then listen, Ayan once existed in my life, NOT anymore. That's it. End of discussion.' Shouted Sara on poor Rabia who was nothing but a well-wisher of the two.

' Relax Sara, Relax. Why are you shouting on that poor soul? Listen, if Ayan is a closed chapter of your life, why are you being so aggressive about something that concerns him? Calm down girl.' said Shehroze who was trying to avoid any kind of drama in the classroom.

' Yeah i think you're right Shehroze, let's just get over it already.' said Sara.


' Son why have you taken out all these suitcases. Are you going somewhere?' asked Ayan's father who was surprised to see his bed loaded with suitcases and clothes. ' Uh Dad, come here. I need to talk. So before mum passed away, the university offered some bright students to go on a Scholarship to London, and complete the rest of their degree there. I had applied for it before and had completely forgotten about it. Yesterday I got my confirmation mail and they've asked me to leave this coming Tuesday. So i was just packing my stuff.'

His father's mouth was wide open. Not that he had some problem with him being independent and making his own decision, still he wanted him to be with him always and forever. Also, he didn't even know about the university and the living arrangements he had made there.

' But son, why not complete your education from where you started?' asked his father.
' Dad I think, besides the degree and stuff. A little change is important for me. I need some time to myself. I need to completely pick myself back up. I've had enough of this world. Enough of All this. I need some time to launch myself on Allah's path completely and whole-heartedly and that would help me to be myself again.' replied Ayan.

' I've always supported you on whatever you did and I'll support you now. Go your way my son. Oh and by the way, When did my carefree yaani grow this mature, hanh?' asked his father while lightly patting his back.'


Shehroze and Sara were having a nice hi-tea at a café in Islamabad and amidst all the usual conversations, Shehroze said.
' Sara, I've been thinking to tell you all this lately. I don't know how are you going to react to all this but.. idk i'll just say it. I've always liked you more than a frien..' his words stuck in his throat. He was well aware of the short temper of Sara and he thought a gazillion times before saying anything to her.

Sara instantly lifted her head up from her mobile screen. ' Wha.. Shehroze are you serious? Is this a joke. What are you even saying.' thankfully Sara didn't shout this time but she was so shocked at what she had just heard.

' Yes Sara, I am very serious. I've thought about this thoroughly.' replied Shehroze.
' I just don't know what to say, You've made Sara Ali speechless for the first time in her life. I'm still confused on how to react on what I just heard.' replied her.

' Take your time, I don't want to force you into something you don't want to get engulfed into. Come I'll drop you home.' said Shehroze, sounding as friendly as he could.


It was Monday night already. Ayan had to leave on Tuesday. 4 pm sharp. He was in absolutely no contact with Shehroze and Sara, neither did he want to. He preferred his
relation with Allah over any worldly friendship. He did not want his contentment to turn into sadness once again so he never gave a thought to all this.

He was sitting on the carpeted floor of his room with a photo Album in front of him. That was full of his pictures. That had an overview of the 22 years he had spent in this city, with all these people around. While looking at the pictures, he shed a tear remembering his angel mother who had been by his side through thick and thin. As he progressed through the album, he found his pictures in Late night parties and clubs. He was devastated.

The only thing he wanted to extinguish from his 22 years of life was his ignorance towards his norms and religion. He was so guilty of this. But he knew his Lord would forgive him, he knew he would appreciate his efforts because better late than never.


Ayan was seated in the backseat of his car, heading towards the Islamabad airport. He was about to enter into a new phase of his life and he was more than ready to bring it on. Nobody knew it except some of his close family members and of course, his father.

While staring at the beautiful capital from his car window, he one by one remembered all the wonderful moments he had spent in this city. And of course, all the cruelties of life he had faced here. He was leaving all this behind, with new thoughts and new hopes.'

The flight had to take off at 6 pm sharp. He loaded his luggage and checked into the aircraft, dressed in a navy blue kurta with trousers and a proper beard rather than a stubble he used to have before . He was seated just by the window. He closed his eyes and prayed to Allah to be by him in this foreign country he was about to enter in a span of hours. The plane took off, he saw the lights of his city vanishing. He leaned his head against the seat and started to think about what life had in store for him.

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