Chapter 8

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' You?'
' YOU.'
Ayan was beyond surprised to see someone whom he had least expected to see. Who else it could be other than Sara, his lady love in the initial days.
And he regretted it the most now.
She mustered up the courage to ask him, ' Umm Hi, How are you?'
She looked embarrassed and surprised at the same time to see him after so long, and when their last encounter had not been a pleasant one.
' Assalam-o-Alaikum, I'm good, How are you Sara?'
' I'm good too. Where have you been?'
' Just started a job in Karachi.' He answered. He certainly didn't want to prolong the conversation so he made an excuse and went away.
He was shocked to see her here. He certainly didn't want any bitter memory of his past to invade his life but he had seen her now and nothing could be done.
Moreover, the differences and arguments between Shehroze and Sara were severed and she was thinking of a divorce because a spoiled brat like her couldn't bear anyone saying even a word against her liking.
As Ayan went away, she began thinking. ' What a gentleman he has become, I wish.. I had not..'
She couldn't stop her mind from thinking like that. But she knew it would be of no use. She was well aware of what she had done to him. She sort of regretted it now but at the same time her mighty ego refrained her from apologising to him.
The function went well and Sara and Ayan did not have another encounter again and maybe, it was better for both of them.
Ayan went to the Parking area to get his car because he was dead tired after the function. As he drove on the empty roads of the capital at this time of night, he couldn't help but think about the ways in how life had blessed him. He thought about the things he couldn't get had the Sara fiasco not happened. He gained respect, he secured a bright future, and above all.. he got a certain someone.. err. maybe not.

As the thought about the last thing in the list of his blessings, he shrugged off his thoughts because it was certainly wrong to think about that. Also, he didn't want all this stuff to enter his life at this point. He was happy with where he stood. He played Surah Al Baqra on the radio and it had a soothing effect on him.

He was dead tired when he reached home, so he changed into his sleepwear, offered Ishaa prayer and dozed off to sleep.

Hania Taimoor was not someone who'd easily develop infatuation for people around her. She had her goals very clear in her mind. She had a family to support. But many days had passed since she hadn't seen a face she was used to of seeing. And she was uncomfortable with it, but she couldn't help but endure with patience.

' Son, since the day you came we haven't had time to talk properly.' Said Ayan's father at the breakfast table the next morning. ' Yeah Baba, the wedding got us really busy, No?'
' Yes, you are right.'

It seemed as if his father wanted to say something but he couldn't do it. Ayan sensed the confusion on his father's face and asked, ' Baba, do you want to say something? What is it?'

' Umm.. nothing. It's just that you are completely my responsibility since your mother went back to her creator and you know..' his father took a brief pause. ' Yes Baba, i'm listening. Go Ahead.' ' Son, i am old now, and I don't think i'll be able to look after you 10 years from now. I want to see you happy and settled.'

' Baba, By the grace of Allah almighty, I have a very good job and who knows better than you that I'm very much happy with where I stand in my life. What exactly do you want to say?'
' Yes Son, I know that you're happy in your life but happiness is doubled when you have someone to share it with.' ' Baba, I have you to share my happiness with. Who else do i need.' said Ayan, completely ignoring the direction his father was trying to take the talk into, and that too unknowingly.

' Yaani bache, you're not getting what I'm trying to say. Okay nevermind let's come straight to the point. Ayan, you're a grown up man now Ma Sha Allah, and i want you to get married.'
His father was a little scared to spit it out because he was unsure of how Ayan would react at it. Ayan remained calm and composed, just as his father had expected.
He began, ' Baba, Frankly speaking, I'm not ready for this right now. I totally understand your point but what I'm trying to say is that, when the time comes, and above all, when Allah wills, it will happen. But not right now. I hope you will not pressurise me because if i listen to you under pressure, I'm afraid i will not be able to fulfil the responsibilities that come with it.'
' Alright bache, I get you. Maybe some other time.' said his father, feeling proud on what a sensible man his son had grown into.

' So Miss, how was your meeting with your ex-boyfriend? I hope it went well.' Said Shehroze throwing a taunt at Sara. ' Excuse me, what do you mean?' asked Sara.
She was genuinely disgusted at the language Shehroze used. How awful could this man become. ' What do you think, I didn't see you with Ayan last night?' Sara rolled her eyes at the cheapness her husband had to show.

He grabbed her elbow forcefully making her squeal with pain. ' It hurts, leave me.' Shouted Sara. ' ANSWER ME DAMMIT, WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU DOING WITH THAT MULLAH?' Shouted Shehroze. It was getting unbearable for Sara now. She didn't say a word. She freed herself from his hold and said
' I want a divorce.'

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