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HATE SPEECHby CrazyChristian ن
Random chapters on politics from the perspective of a conservative girl. Everyone on the political spectrum is welcome! Don't worry... I (mostly) don't bite!
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Politics Part 1 by NiallsLaughIsMyLaugh
Politics Part 1by that girl Renee
This book is in no way meant to persuade or offend anybody. However, if your opinions are different than mine, I'm sure some offense will be taken. My advice: don't be...
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WHEW!by _
For therapeutic purposes.
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 The Anti-SJW Handbook by hornessy
The Anti-SJW Handbookby pure faggotry
just my thoughts and opinions about politics, feminism, and life
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My Opinions (May be Triggering) by Megan_Evans134
My Opinions (May be Triggering)by Kirby
if you get triggered/ angered easily do not read please just don't you probably wont even see this.
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Typical American (EXTREME) Liberals by wokeaintgood
Typical American (EXTREME) Liberalsby ms. emma
!!!!!!I AM NO LONGER REGULARLY UPDATING THIS BOOK OR REPLYING TO EVERY COMMENT!!!!! I DO WHAT I WANT!!! (please keep in mind i am EXTREMELY open to hearing other sides o...
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The Michael Perspective! Part 2.5 by theMartyrSpeaks
The Michael Perspective! Part 2.5by Radical Individualist
Since my other book has been temporary deleted due to a glitch in Wattpad's system (or, at least, that's what the ambassadors tell me), I've taken it upon myself to writ...
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The Real Destination [ Completed ] by theyoungwriter_
The Real Destination [ Completed ]by Abeera
Ignorance to our religion and our norms is considered to be modernism and a stereotype has been set, through this story i want to change the mindsets and i hope this has...
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Liberal Memes by xFreedomDragonx
Liberal Memesby Freedom Dragon
I have made this story just to be funny and state my opinion and maybe inform some people on the mental disorder known as "The Liberal"
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Emily's Anti-SJW Survival Guide by questcequisepasse
Emily's Anti-SJW Survival Guideby yikes
Welcome to my political rants. I'm mostly conservative but always have my eyes open for a civil debate. I'm passionate about my beliefs and love to discuss them. Here I...
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Minha amante é uma lesbica no meu cafofo by lislib
Minha amante é uma lesbica no Livia
Era bem jovem, tinha meus 30 anos e fiz amizade com uma menina que cantava profissionalmente nos barzinhos da vida. Ela era muito atraente, simpática, atenciosa, carismá...
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Random by Nikki112211
Randomby Jesus Freak
Welcome to my mind.
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One Day at a Time by OneGrecianUrn
One Day at a Timeby Capri
This is my first time writing anything on wattpad, I mostly just read fanfiction. I write a lot, but for the most part, no one knows about them. I decided that I was goi...
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Poems I've Written Recently by TheRoz81
Poems I've Written Recentlyby Craig Rozniecki
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CODRINELUL ESTE SPONSORIZAT DE G2A!!! by Albadimateicristian
Sunt un baiat din Constanta si am 19 ani,nu am atins o fata la viata mea,deoarece sunt homosexual.Ma cheama Matei apropo.
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|| ben shapiro × reader || 😳💋👀 by deniied
|| ben shapiro × reader || 😳💋👀by demi~♡
WARNING : super hot 😳😩👌💦 (had to put a trigger warning for all u whiny sjw librards)
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Very liberal political stuff by LunaLovegood397
Very liberal political stuffby Luna #savetheplanet
This is a bunch of liberal, feministic, empowering, depressing, stuff that may depress you or empower you. (I'll mark the depressing poetry.)
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I Am A Liberal by Racheleber
I Am A Liberalby #nerd
A poem about liberalism.
Black Conservative thoughts by glampop
Black Conservative thoughtsby Glänzend
Random thoughts and incoherent babble to follow. Don't say I didn't warn you. I'll talk about a variety of topics. I'm more of an independent thinker so I'll express lib...
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Rants and Concerns of a Millennial Feminist by mauli_29
Rants and Concerns of a Mauli Singh
As the title reads, this is a rant book where I'll be ranting and discussing the concerns I have as a millennial feminist. If you do not identify as a feminist, then ple...
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