Chapter 15 [ Last ]

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It had been three days since Mr. Ahmed Khan was admitted in the hospital and his health was deteriorating day by day. His eyes looked more pale than before. He was completely bedridden. Whenever Ayan would see his father like this, tears would fill his eyes but there was nothing he could do. He knew his father had no more than two weeks to live, but he was satisfied with Allah's doings.

One day, Just as Ayan got done with breakfast, he received a call from the office that he had to come to the office to sign a certain document and it was very important. Ayan glanced at his father, who was most probably sleeping so Ayan took the car keys from the table and drove to the office.

When he entered the office, everybody was shocked to see a person who was always fresh and full of energy like this. His eye bags were deepened, his voice was tired owing to the sleepless nights he had spent praying and caring for his father.

Sara had started working there about a week ago and Ayan was not surprised when he saw her there working efficiently and freely interacting with her coworkers.
Sara stopped for a moment and came near Ayan.
" Assalamo Alaikum Ayan, how are you?"
" I'm fine, Alhamdulillah, you tell! You started your job already?"
" Yeah and Asfandyar Sir told me about uncle, I wanted to visit but I was reluctant because I was not sure If uncle would have forgiven me for...."

It seemed as if she had choked on words. She didn't know what to say anymore. She did not want to cause an increase in his pain. She wanted to heal it.
" Sara, he is MY father. He forgave you the day I forgave you. Yes, it is very hard for a father to see his child in pain. But he is one in a billion. He is my Pa."

Ayan teared up as he realised he isn't gonna be with him in the future and the thought of it only scared him to death. He could not lose his most prized possession. His entire world revolved around his baba.

" Ayan, please stay strong. Please do take me along with you when you leave. I want to see uncle." said Sara.

Hania was watching all of this from a distance. She didn't know about his father's illness and she was dying of guilt now that the time when he needed him the most, she was not there with him. She was not there to console him, She was not there to share his pain.
And it hurt.
More than anything, It hurt.

A lone tear escaped her eye and she was quick to wipe it before anyone noticed. She tried to avoid Ayan the whole time he was at the office. She could just not muster up the courage to go and at least talk to him, to lend him a shoulder to cry on.
They both had the same feelings for each other but were afraid. They were afraid of the circumstances.

As soon as Ayan and Sara left for the hospital, Hania followed them. She was certainly not stalking them. She just wanted to see Mr. Khan but she was not brave enough to ask Ayan about it.

When Ayan and Sara reached, luckily Mr. Ahmed Khan was awake. They both went inside. Mr. Khan was shocked to see Sara there and that too, dressed in modest clothes and a Hijab pinned on her head. He had alot of questions in his eyes but Ayan gave him an assuring look. Mr. Khan's eyes shined with glee. His son had done him proud once again.

" Assalam o Alaikum Uncle." Said Sara with a trembling voice. Walaikum Assalam beta, come sit." Replied Mr. Khan with a feeble smile etched on his face.
" Uncle, I'm sorry. I am just so.. sorry."
As Sara said this, she burst out crying. Mr. Khan cupped her face in his hands and said " Bachey, don't say anything else. Shush. I know you have realised what you did was wrong and you have faced enough consequences for it. You just do not have to apologise to me. You were just like my daughter then, you are just like my daughter now. And a bit of thanks to you after Allah SWT, My son walked on Sirat e Mustaqeem (The Path of Righteousness).

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