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That eve Ragnar and Thkatla lay by the fire, Bjorn had gone to bed a while ago.
Thkatla lay her head on Ragnars legs while he stroked her hair. "The elf helped you then?" She asked.

"Reluctantly yes," he answered.

"Reluctantly?" She asked a little surprised.

"She's doesn't exactly enjoy bringing back the dead," he told her.

"Of course she doesn't it's a waste of her powers," Thkatla said.

"Well I suppose I should be grateful," he answered.

In Flokis shack he was still taking care of the reawakened corpse, she was still weak, Rollo had arrived a few hours ago and was doing his best to take care of her, Floki leant on the door way and watched. "I hope you don't intend to take her back to the Jarl yourself do you?" He asked waltzing up to the long haired Viking.

"Didn't cross my mind," he answered as he ran his fingers through the girl's long red hair, she turned her head to him as she heard his voice.

"I know you," she began.

"I'm not sure you do," he said a little uneasy, she reached out a shaky hand but two of her fingers were black, Rollo retreated immediately. "What's going on?!" He exclaimed. Flock walked closer and took the young girl's hand in his and examined them.

"The elf may have bought the soul back but she didn't stop her body rotting," he said. Rollo began to panic.

"What are we supposed to do?" He inquired.

"Well we can either kill her or chop off her fingers," he suggested.

"But the Jarl would want her back in one piece," he said.

"Indeed he would, but how would he like a rotting slab of meat for a daughter?" he said. Floki walked up to Rollo and walked behind him. "He wouldn't, he would kill the man responsible," Rollo sighed and stared at the creature in front of him.

"I'll speak to my brother," Rollo said running out of the house and to a horse tethered up outside, he mounted its back with ease and galloped to Ragnar's home, instead of knocking he ran into the house forcing the door open. Thkatla and Ragnar both bolted up and grabbed their weapons but when they found Rollo standing by the hearth they lowered them.

"Brother, what's so urgent that you feel the need to intrude into my home in the middle of the night?" Ragnar asked rubbing his eyes.

"The corpse that the elf bought back, well it's not exactly alive!" He exclaimed. Ragnar exchanged glances with Thkatla.

"Go sleep my love I must speak to my brother alone." He said, Thkatla detested at first but after a gentle kiss and encouragement she walked back to their bed and laid down. Ragnar grabbed his brother by the shoulder and the pair went outside. "So what's this about her not being alive?" He asked.

"The elf bought her soul back, but not the body, Ragnar she's rotting," he said.

"Impossible, perhaps the elf made a mistake?" He suggested.

"Elves don't make mistakes," Rollo added. 

"I must summon her, perhaps she could fix it," he said without hesitation he ran into the house grabbed the bone horn and blew into it but the elf did not come.

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