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"Ragnar why isn't she here yet?" Floki panicked.

"Maybe she's engaged," Rollo suggested.

"An elf is never engaged they always hear the call and come when they can," Ragnar added.

"Something must have happened to her," Rollo said.

Nushalas body lay in the middle of the wood, her throat slit open as someone had murdered her the figure didn't want her to help the Vikings in need, any longer, perhaps it was a kill of jealousy? Ragnar began pacing up and down, he was worried.

"She promised!" He exclaimed.

"Elves are known to keep their promises," Floki said.

"Obviously this one hasn't," Rollo answered. "I did tell you before that elves are untrustworthy Ragnar." He smirked and placed his arms over his chest.

"For once brother you may be right," Ragnar said, and pat him on the shoulder before walking out and standing in front of the lake, he looked up to the sky and ran a hand over his head and down his braid. "Odin help me!" Suddenly two ravens landed on a tree close to him. "You hear me all-father?" He asked as his gaze landed on the ebony birds. He heard a twig snap in the forest, causing it to echo around the vast expanse of land. "Who's there?" He said challenging the empty space, just as Ragnar turned his gaze back to the cabin a black figure emerged. They wore black feathers around their shoulders, a black leather robe covered them from head to foot, on the toes of their boots sat talons, on their face sat a leather mask with what looked like a beak, all that could be seen was their black eyes.

"The all-father heard your call," they answered.

"How do you know that?" He asked, looking the figure up and down.

"Because I am the messenger of Odin himself," they replied. "Why do you call on him?" They asked, Ragnar, dropped to his knees before this figure, he kept his head bowed. The figure turned its head to the side. "What is it that you desire from Odin?" They asked as they rested a taloned gloved hand onto the Vikings head gently.

"We need help to save a young girl," he replied.

"Save?" They asked now resting a hand on his chin and using a claw to tip his head up to them.

"There is a problem with. . . Well. . . The way she was bought back," he said, his eyes not meeting theirs.

"Take me to her," the figure said and pulled their hand back into their black feathery cloak. Ragnar stood and began to walk in front of the figure. 

"Right this way," he said. They both walked into the hut, Floki bowed immediately while Rollo just stood staring at them.

"It can't be! I've never seen a messenger of Odin before!" Floki exclaimed. The figure looked at him immediately.

"Bring me the girl!" They demanded. Rollo grabbed the girl and bought her to the room, she was more deteriorated than when they had last seen her.

"Can she be saved?" Ragnar said keeping his eyes on the figure.

"Yes," they said looking over their shoulder at the three men.

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