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That eve the wolf cloaked army stormed Ragnar's home. "I kill Ragnar, you slay his family!" The leader ordered, they cheered lifting their lit torches into the air in agreement with her. She booted the weathered wooden door in. "Valhalla calls you!" She yelled as she entered. He was hiding in the shadows.

"I don't think so" he said padding closer to her slowly. "Put down your weapon and talk," he said trying to persuade her.

"I don't talk," she said to him and swung her blade at Ragnar who swatted the sword away. Thkatla ran out of the shadows armed with a blade and tried to slice the leader in the stomach, who dodged it and ended up tripping into the fire she threw off her wolf cloak, now ruined by the flames. Just as she was about to attack Ragnar he used the hilt of his axe to knock the attacker unconscious, her men saw her fall and they all retreated out of the house. Ragnar and Thkatla made sure she was out cold and then bound her hands and feet. They dragged her outside to the barn to be hidden with the animals. Ragnar and Thkatla both sat by the fire. Ragnar took her chin in his hand and began to look her over to make sure she was not hurt, he began to scan her body but she was not unscathed as the leader had somehow managed to stab Thkatla in the side, her bloodied handshaking and she was pale. Ragnar found the cause of the blood, the wound was deep.

"Lie down!" He ordered her. She did as she was told, however she couldn't compress a squeal which escaped her paling lips. "I know, but I'll fix it," he told her, resting one hand on her face and laying her down gently. Thkatla had pure tears pouring from her eyes as Ragnar did what he could to heal the wound, she squirmed under his grip.

"Who was she?" Thkatla asked.

"I don't know" he answered as he saw to her wound, but she soon passed out on him. Ragnar panicked, but when he noticed her steady breathing he calmed down. He laid with Thkatla on his chest brushing his fingers through her hair lightly. The soft rise and fall of her chest soon stopped, he was dozing off until he felt things were too eerily quiet. He took his blade from his scabbard and held it under her nose, but no breath clouded the glinting blade.

"Thkatla!" He yelled. She didn't answer. She just lay a pale, limp, lifeless body of the woman he pledged his life to protect but it seemed a trying and losing battle, he nearly lost Thkatla once and he would not lose her again. He began to panic and he prayed to the gods for help but they ignored him and he screamed in frustration, slammed his fist against the floor, and stormed out and left her corpse lying in the middle of the floor. He came to the temple on the hill and offered the gods anything for them to bring her back.

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