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The next morning Ragnar found himself sleeping in, the furs pulled up over his shoulders. Thkatla was outside feeding the cattle and their children were running around and playing outside. Ragnar reluctantly dragged himself out from his bed and got ready for the day, he went out to greet Thkatla but she just walked away from him. He didn't bother chasing after her he knew that she was upset with him. He walked straight to the lake and stared out across it. Today was the day he and his brother would earn their reward, it always made Ragnar curious as to what he could possibly offer. Rollo met his brother and together they went to the Jarls home. Ragnar knocked on the door, they both shuffled uncomfortably. The Jarl answered the door hastily, "ar Ragnar, Rollo it's good to see you arrived early." he said.

"Of course we wouldn't want to keep our Jarl waiting," Rollo said.

"Well please come in," he said. Rollo and Ragnar both wandered in. "Please sit." The Jarl sat across from them. "Let's get down to business. I thank you for bringing my daughter back to me and as a reward, I would like to offer you a better home, a place off the farm. You will have your own stables and even beds for you and Thkatla," he said. Ragnar and Rollo exchanged glances.

"That's too generous," Rollo said.

"I'm not finished. Thkatla would receive her own horse, a collection of luxury robes and also silver jewellery," he said and opened a chest before them. Rollos eyes lit up.

"I couldn't possibly," Ragnar said.

"I'm just expressing my gratitude," The Jarl said.

"We'll take it!" Rollo exclaimed.

"It is done," The Jarl replied. Both men left and Ragnar walked in front of Rollo.

"Ragnar slow down," Rollo said pulling his arm.

"You need to stop rushing into things. He has given too much it doesn't feel right," Ragnar said.

"We did return his daughter, his gratitude is welcomed," Rollo said. "Besides Thkatla would appreciate it."

"Who knows," Ragnar said.

They reached the farm but Thkatla and the children were gone. Ragnar began to panic till he heard hoofbeats, he turned and there they were one horse and two ponies were trotting into the paddock. They pulled their mounts to a stop and Bjorn began to untack the horses. "How did it go with the Jarl?" She asked walking to him.

"Very well..." Ragnar began but Rollo cut him off.

"We have a chance to better our lives!" Rollo exclaimed.

"What?" She asked not seeming impressed.

"We have a new home, finery and better horses," Rollo said.

"I'm happy here on the farm nothing will change that," She said. Thkatla walked into the hut with Ragnar behind her.

"I thought you would have been more excited," Ragnar said.

"I know but I have experienced the life of finery before but it's not the answer to everything," she said. 

"But it's a better chance for our children," Ragnar said.

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