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The Jarl began to grow impatient, he would pace up and down. His wife watching him almost like a cat, her eyes never resting. "I'm sure she will be found!" She exclaimed, getting off the bed and walking behind her husband and resting her hands on his shoulders and gently massaging them, he tipped his head back enjoying it. Floki had called for the elf, Nushala rode back and was stood outside his hut, she threw her leg over the horses head and landed on her feet elegantly. "Floki why do you call me?" She asked, her eyes slightly narrowed her words coated with agitation 

"We need you to bring her back,"  he said pointing to the lump of still flesh on the ground.

"I'm not sure if my powers can stretch that far," she answered, her eyes now widening.

"It's very urgent," Ragnar spoke up.

"Ragnar Lothbrok why do I find it's always you needing my help so far," she smiled.

"Because it seems I always get my self into situations I can't get out!" He said stroking his fingers through his beard. Nushala giggled to herself and knelt down to the corpse, she rested her fingers on her head, the skin wriggling under her fingers. 

"How long dead?" She inquired.

"Three days," Floki answered.

"At least you didn't leave her a week," she smiled. Nushala looked up to the sky her eyes rolling back into her skull, the wind whipped up and Nushala began to breathe onto the corpse. A flash of lightning outside split the sky and the corpse drew her first breath.
Her eyes looked around, the elf was now a few steps away. She looked at Floki and then at Ragnar, she pushed herself up, her limbs weak and sighed.

"What. Happened?" She wheezed.

"You died," Ragnar answered.

"Who murdered me?" She asked.

"Murdered? You were killed in battle," Floki lied, protecting his friend.

"I see," She tried standing but her knee gave way and she fell.

"Floki you take care of her till she's stronger," Ragnar said leaving him and the corpse. Nushala had already walked out and was galloping away on her steed. Ragnar walked back to the town to find Thkatla purchasing oxen. "We don't need those," he said as he made her jump slightly.

"We do for farming," she said taking the animals ropes and began to walk home, Ragnar walking with her. As soon as they reached their hut she put the oxen into the field and walked into the house where Bjorn was just boiling some water in a cauldron above the fire.

"Did you find her?" He asked.

"No," he shook his head and embraced his son.

Thkatla looked at him walking closer and whispered to him "you can't keep lying to him, he will have to find out soon," she warned and pulled his braid and caused him to smile playfully.

"If you don't tell him, I will," she threatened and walked away to polish her weapons.

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