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The next day the jarl searched the town, he was desperate to find her body but to no avail. He called a meeting calling everyone in the town including Thkalta and Ragnar. Bjorn was to stay at home and take care of his siblings. Everyone gathered in the great hut. "Something of mine has gone, and I wish to have it back!" He exclaimed pacing up and down in front of everyone.

"What is it?" A man spoke up.

"Something precious, dear to me," he replied.

"Dear to you?" Ragnar asked rubbing his hands together.

"Yes my daughter!" He exclaimed. "You see she's gone missing and I'm asking any of you to assist me in finding her." 

"What do we get?" Ragnar asked a smile dancing across his lips.

"More gold than you can count," the earl answered.

"What does she look like?" Rollo asked.

"You should know Rollo, you slept with her!" The Jarl exclaimed. All the colour drained from his face as he realised his mistake.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know. I swear!" He said dropping to his knees.

"What is done is done! But did you know she was also carrying your child?!" he exclaimed.  Ragnar looked to Floki realizing who the attacker was.

"She was a leader of a wolf clan army, she had long red hair and was the gentlest soul," the Jarl described her. Ragnars head fell into his hands. Rollo suddenly realised who he had killed. Both brothers were in trouble and knew they'd be punished if the Jarl found out about what they had done. "Now I'm giving you all three days to find her." 

"But what if we can't find her?" Ragnar spoke up.

"Then someone will be punished," he said looking at Rollo. The meeting was over and both Ragnar and Floki walked back to his cabin were her body lay. 

"Ragnar you had no idea that this was his daughter?" He asked him.

"No," he said shaking his head. "We'll we have to do something!" He exclaimed.

"I could try reanimating her corpse," Floki proposed.

"Would it work?" Ragnar said lifting his head.

"I can try," he answered.

"I know someone who could help!" Ragnar exclaimed. "Nushala!" 

"An elf?" Floki answered looking at him a little confused.

"You know her?" Ragnar asked.

"Yes, she was a pupil of mine till the Jarl drove her out of town." He explained.

"Oh," that is all Ragnar said before collapsing into his seat.

"But Nushala can't help!" He exclaimed. "Her powers are healing not resurrection." 

"I can't believe the Jarls daughter would attack me, I never knew he had a child!"" Ragnar exclaimed.

"Yes he kept her hidden well. But when she was old enough he sent her away and she soon found a wolf clan and was proclaimed as their leader," Floki explained.

"And Rollo killed her!" Ragnar exclaimed.

"Sounds like your brother," he answered. Ragnar didn't answer he just sighed a laugh.

"We just need to do something about this," he said pointing to the corpse.

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