Ragnar was just leaving the temple when a woman dressed in silver armour and was swamped with a deep purple velvet cloak rode by, their horse a pure white Noriker steed. She tugged on the reins and it halted. Ragnar squinted his eyes as he could see the burning white eyes of the figure in front of him, her ears were pointed and she had long purple hair tied up in a long braid that slithered down her back. "Who are you?" He asked. She looked at him, her staff gripped tightly in her hand.

"I am Nushala Elavaris, an elven Druid" she answered.

"You have to help me!" Ragnar begged.

"Why?" She asked.

"Someone I love is dying" he answered.

"Why should I help your loved one when I don't know your name?" She inquired.

"Ragnar Lothbrok," he replied. They both returned to his home, Thkatla was unconscious and Ragnar feared the worst, as he ran through the door. Nushala ran to her.

"She's still alive," Nushala answered. She knelt down and began to unpack different herbs and healing potions from a saddlebag and laid them on the floor.

"This will work, won't it?" Ragnar asked.

"Indeed Viking I will." She nodded and brushed a strand of purple hair out of her eyes. She began to mix her potions and serums, she made a paste and put it onto her wounds and began to chant a few words as the wound healed itself. Thkatla sighed as she woke up.

"R...Ragnar?" Was the first word she spoke, his head lifted and he looked at Thkatla but she then shut her eyes and everything fell still once again.

"What happened?" He panicked.

"I don't understand she's healed!" Nushala exclaimed.

"Do something! Anything! Try something else!" He demanded as he panicked.

Nushala began to chant words and prayed to her goddess asking for her guidance and help, Nushala was nearly at a loss, she kept her hands pressed on Thkaltas torso and carried on chanting as she was transferring her strength into the struggling girl, this weakened the elf severely but she was willing to give it all she had, even if she was helping a stranger it was her job.

The elf fell back whacking her head against the floor. "Nushala?" Ragnar panicked, he shook the elf but she was unconscious her strength sapped away, he made her more comfortable as he rested her down on a cow skin rug in front of the fire. Thkaltas's breathing improved as she wasn't wheezing but she was still under, as her body was taking its time. He walked back to her and took her hand and held it to his lips kissed it softly. "Thkatla please I need you." He sobbed.

She gently squeezed his hand.  His eyes shot up to hers.  Her eyes opened slowly and she gazed at Ragnar. "W...what happened?" She asked.

"Our house was attacked, you were injured and I bought Nushala here to heal you." He answered her rubbing his thumb over her hand.

"Will I live?" She asked.

"Yes," He said smiling down at her.

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