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The Jarls daughter had been tied down onto a table, the ropes cutting through her as her skin and muscle began to collapse. Odins messenger looked the girl over, their hands hovered over her body, they closed their eyes and began to chant softly to themselves, black smoke appeared from their hands and sunk into the body of the girl, her muscle and bone healed itself slowly as did her skin till she was a young beautiful girl again, then a white light appeared from their hands and her soul was restored along with her memories." She is alive," they said and walked out of Flokis house, they turned into a dozen ravens and flew off leaving the men speechless.

"At least we will still have our lives," Floki said, but how naïve he was as the cost of the spell in fact was another soul, the figure had taken another soul from an innocent young girl and placed it inside the Jarls daughter.

"We must return her now," Rollo said picking up the girl off the table and carried her outside. Ragnar thanked Floki and followed his brother, they walked to town and knocked on the door. The Jarl answered immediately.

"You found my daughter?" he asked.

"Indeed, she was wandering through the woods," Rollo spoke up.

"You will get your reward in the morning," he said taking his daughter in and shutting the door. 

"So much for a thank you," Rollo said and walked away to the alehouse for a drink while Ragnar returned to Thkatla who was asleep and the fur blanket was pulled up over her shoulders. He smiled to himself and he gently stroked his fingers over her cheek, she murmured in her sleep and turned over her back now to him, he took off his clothes and climbed into bed with her, he gently wrapped his arm around her, and pulled her closer. 

"I was wondering when you would return," she whispered and squeezed his hand gently. "Is everything sorted out now?" 

"Yes," he whispered resting his head on her shoulder. 

"Did the children go down alright?" he asked. 

"Yes. Bjorn insisted he wait for you but I sent him to bed," Thkatla answered turning over to look at him. 

"The Jarl promised to give us our reward in the morning," he said and gently kissed her lips. 

"We?" she asked. 

"Rollo and I. . ." Thkatla cut him off. 

"What about Floki?" she asked. "He kept the body there." 

"Do you really want the Jarl to know he had her body hiding in his shack?" Ragnar reminded her. 

"I see, but you still should have returned her corpse to him out of respect," she said. 

"Then we would be executed, we would be seen as the traitors," he said raising his voice a little. 

"Ragnar keep your voice down," she told him, she pulled his arm off her and moved up on the bed and turned her back on him. 

"Thkatla I'm sorry," he began but knew she wasn't listening, he threw his legs over the bed and sat there holding his head in his hands. 

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