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Ragnar and Thkatla laid by the fire which roared fiercely, she laid in his arms as he held her tightly. He ran his fingernails over her tender flesh on her arm, tickling her pure skin and sending shivers down her spine and causing goosebumps to appear on her arms. A deerskin wrapped around them both but separately her leather armour underneath covering her abusive wounds and reminders, Ragnar only had his leather trousers on, his bare torso rubbing against the soft leather. He had his chin rested on her shoulder, his beard tickling it gently. The other hand supported her torso, her weight still worried the Viking and he gripped her tightly causing her to gasp. "Too much?" He asked.

"Not at all" She replied shaking her head nearly whacking him in the face with her braids if he didn't brush them out of the way. "You're safe with me," he reminded her kissing her shoulder. Outside the rain still pounded as if Odin's slepinir was galloping across the sky. Thkatla nearly fell asleep in Ragnar's arms till he moved and stood above her.  She flinched as he bought a hand to rest his hand on her cheek.

"How much did my brother damage you?" He asked.

"Damage?" She squeaked looking up at him.

"Look at you, you flinch at my touch and your body is black and blue," he explained. He helped her up and took her to the table where they both shared the last of the bread and ale. It had been a long time since she had dined well and with kind company. "Come let's sleep," he said and dragged her down to their horsehair bed and they fell asleep in each other's embrace.

A wolf skin army was riding towards the small Viking town, their cloaks soaked through, their horses tired, they would neigh in detest as they rode hard from a walk to gallop. The reins were soon pulled harshly on the metal bit in between their teeth, and they stopped the Jarl walked out to greet the riders. "Welcome, I take it you had a safe journey," he welcomed them.

"Satisfactory," the leader answered, as she dismounted her steed, and threw a scarlet lock over her shoulder. She followed the Jarl into his main hall and everyone stared at her and her men. "So what's this Ragnar Lothbrok problem?" She asked as she collapsed into one of the wooden chairs, she reclined back and placed her ebony leather boots on to the table.

"He is disobeying me. He built his own boat and travelled west," he told the stranger, she leant on one elbow and proceeded to twirl her hair around her finger in a flirting manner.

"And you want me to do what? The man has free will inside?" She questioned the Jarl as she saw no problem with Ragnar.

"I want you to teach him a lesson!" The Earl exclaimed.

"It shall be done," she nodded.

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