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Nushala was just waking up, she sat up pressing her hand to her head. "Ow, my head hurts!" She squealed.

"Take it easy, you hit your head pretty hard," Ragnar advised her.

Nushala nodded, her gaze switched to Thkatla. "How do you feel?" She asked her.

"Better, thank you," she answered.

"It was no problem," Nushala smiled. Nushala stood but she stumbled around. "Ragnar I must be leaving I have somewhere else to be, other people to heal." 

"Are you sure you need to leave?" Ragnar asked.

"Yes," she nodded.

"Are you sure you're strong enough?" Thkatla asked.

"Yes," she nodded causing strands of her hair to fall into her eyes which she tucked behind her ear. "Here Ragnar use this," She handed him a dragon bone horn. "If you ever need me just blow into the horn, I will hear you and I shall come for you." She smiled walking to the door. "Ragnar I'm in your debt, I shall be back." With that she walked out and mounted her steed, she nudged him in the ribs and took off at a gallop, Ragnar watched as she disappeared. He returned to Thkatla who was resting.

"Don't you ever scare me again," he said warming his hands in front of the fire.

"What?" She asked slightly confused.

"You don't leave my side and you don't ever nearly die on me ever again," Ragnar said looking sadly at her.

"I promise." She said resting her hand on Ragnar's cheek, he rested his head into her touch. Night soon came and with it the cold, bitter wind that bit deep into Ragnars bones. He kept Thkatla held close to him, but still, the shivers plagued her body. Someone barged through their door, it was Rollo but he was covered in blood. Ragnar shot up from the ground where he had been sitting.

"Brother what happened?" He panicked.

"Who was that woman in the barn?" Rollo answered.

"Someone I needed to question. Rollo, what did you do?" He panicked.

"She broke free and attacked me, I did the only thing I knew how to. I'm sorry Ragnar but I killed her," he answered.

"How could you be so stupid?" He asked.

"Me stupid? I wasn't the one who held a woman in the barn!" He exclaimed.

Rage built in Rollo so Thkatla stood in the middle of the two men. "Listen this is not the time to fight each other, we need to know who this attacker was and why was she attacking us?" Thkatla began, but Rollo pushed her out of the way.

"This does not concern you, this is between me and my brother," Rollo snarled.

"I once belonged to you, I fought by your side and I even defended you. I am now prepared to do that again but throwing me away like I'm nothing is not the answer, " Thkatla bellowed.

"I know someone who may be able to help us," Ragnar said looking down at the dragon bone horn.

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