Thkatla ran from the house, tears dribbled down her cheeks. He promised! He promised he wouldn't again but Rollo broke her heart. She walked to the edge of the river, Rollos voice became muffled, her ebony dress covered in pale dirt. Ragnar and his family ran out to see what the commotion was about. Thkatla just glanced back allowing one more crystal tear to streak her face, then walked into the freezing water. Her limbs felt a shock of pain as it was cold. Ragnar couldn't just stand there he had to do something!

Dropping his blade he ran to the edge, but by now Thkatla was almost submerged, allowing the oxygen to exit her lungs and made her sink. She had no care in the world, Rollo was a monster and betrayed her many times and she was a fool to keep going back to him thinking he had changed. Ragnar frantically swam to her, grabbing her pale hand and attempted to drag her back to the surface, she refused to breathe, he dragged her onto the shore and tried to relieve her lungs of water. A sputtering sound was heard as she coughed up the water, turning to the side.

She took the knife from Ragnar's belt and attempted to cut her own throat but Ragnar reacted quickly and pinned her hands above her head. "Your life is worth more than this!" He exclaimed. She didn't say a word but sprung up and rested her head on his chest and cried, he wrapped her up in his arms. For Ragnar this felt strange as his wife died and he hadn't embraced another woman. As uncomfortable as he was he did his best to console the crying girl. He knew this had Rollo written all over it, if it wasn't the scars or bruises it was her heart. He hated to see her being treated this way but he knew he couldn't do anything but advise his brother, but the way he treated his woman was a whole other story.

Ragnar caressed the young girls neck, softly pressing his fingers to the start of her vertebrae, it dawned on him that he was holding a skeleton. Thkatlas bones stuck through her pale, black and blue skin.  How Ragnar cursed his brother. Rollo was just running around the corner towards them. "Ragnar get off my woman!" He bellowed in his mighty voice.

"Rollo I'm not sure she is yours. I see the evidence on her body, therefore I will not give her up!" Ragnar barked.

"But she wasn't promised to you," he yelled, grabbing his woman by her arm and attempted to pull her from Ragnar's arms, she was wrenched up, her arm dislocated itself Thkatla whimpered in pain.

"She may have been promised but you're not wed, I can take care of her, if I see any abuse on her, that was the agreement!" Ragnar exclaimed. Rollo let go of Thkatla who ran away from the arguing men knowing that this simple argument could get out of hand. She headed up the Rocky Mountain to offer herself up to Sif, she begged the Norse goddess, but she didn't answer. The rain poured and Thkatla took that as a sign as the goddess cleansing her of her sins and her abused body. Ragnar was stood squared up to his brother. "You can always find a whore in the town," he sneered and walked away to find the weeping woman. He found her asleep in the temple of Sif.

"I'm sorry I should've noticed sooner," he said looking down at the resting figure.

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