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Ragnar walked to the barn and saw the slain corpse of his once captive victim, he clasped her by the arms and dragged her out of sight, or so he thought. The ruler of the town was hiding in the trees near the lake watching him. He dragged her all the way to Floki knowing that he could do something with her body. He soon returned to Thkatla sat by the fire examining the horn while Rollo was staring into the flames.

"You want to summon an elf?" Rollo asked.

"Yes, she's helped us before, why not now?" He asked sitting next to his shieldmaiden

"Because an elf is not going to know why she attacked, it's better if you speak to the Lord of our town, he can give you an answer." Rollo finished and walked out.

"Always was headstrong," Thkatla commented.

"Just as he was when he was a boy." Ragnar told her resting his arm around her back. Thkatla rested her head on his shoulder.

"You really believe the elf could help us?" She asked.

"Yes, I hear she has far more powers than just healing," he said. Thkatla began to unbraid her locks and run a comb through it, Ragnar just observed and watched the care she took with it, she then began to braid it again. "Here allow me," Ragnar offered.

"I'm quite capable thank you," he replied.

"I know but you need to relax," he said slithering his hands up over her shoulders and into her hair massaging her scalp gently before braiding her hair back for her.

"Thank you," she answered laying her head in his lap.

"It's my job," he smiled. "I hope Rollo doesn't do anything stupid." 

"If Rollo does he can pay the consequences," he said. "How are you feeling?" 

"Much better I just hope I don't have to go through it again," she smiled looking up at him and resting a hand on his cheek. Ragnar leant into the touch and rested his hand over hers. The rain began to pour and dance upon the roof like galloping horses Ragnar held Thkatla close and tightly to him.

"My Valkyrie," he said leaning down to kiss her, his soft lips meeting hers she smiled and kissed back. Thkatla was safe and away from the man who once beat her and mistreated her. It wasn't long till she fell asleep, Ragnar picked her up carefully and gently laid her on their bed. He returned to the fire to continue sharpening his axes, sparks flew from them and were spat into the fire. Ragnar began to pray to the gods that everyone would be okay, his family protected and that no one would try to attack him again. He wasn't ready for a battle at least not on his home turf, whoever she was she had the guts to assault while at home but what was her motive? Ragnar found his mind beginning to spin with many thoughts of who she could be. 

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