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Thkatla had hauled herself out of the freshwater, she now lay in the sun its rays drying her off. She was just drifting off when she felt a hand travelling up her thigh, "Ragnar if you do that to every woman who lays in the sun, I will have to make sure you don't do it again." She sat up with a smile on her face, but it soon dropped as she realized that that hand belonged to Rollo. She went to scream but Rollo clamped his hand over her mouth.

"Shut up whore!" He growled.

"Now that we're living in luxury I take you back as my woman," he growled. She tried to push him off but Rollo only gripped her harder. "You're not going anywhere." She headbutted Rollo, he fell back dazed and Thkatla pushed herself up and began to run back to the village. Her tears dribbled down her cheeks, as she ran. It wasn't long till she reached her home and shut the door behind her. She collapsed in front of the fire, her legs curled up to her chest and began to cry harder. Ragnar and Bjorn had just returned from a hunting trip when Ragnar's eyes locked onto his crying mate.

 "My dear, did something happen?" he asked, rushing over to her and crouching next to her.

"R...Rollo," she stuttered. His brow drew serious for a moment.

"What did he do?" Ragnar demanded.

"He attacked me," she replied.

"Attacked you? Did he cause you any pain?" he asked.

"No, he just tried to stop me from running away to you," she answered resting her head on his shoulder.

"I will find him this evening, and I will have a little word with him," Ragnar said.

"Don't it will only cause more problems," she begged.

"I must, I must remind him that you're mine not his," he said. "Maybe living richly has gone to his head, and he has forgotten about his life before."

"I fear that may have happened," she answered resting a hand on his cheek and turned his head to face her.

"Then I must teach him a lesson to keep his distance," he replied.

"Okay," she said rolling her eyes away from him.

"My love, please, I must," he said.

"Fine, do as you will. But he will come for me, he will punish me for telling you," she answered.

"I will not let that happen, from now on you stay by my side no matter where I go," he said.

"But what if you are to travel across the sea?" she quizzed him. "The men are getting restless Ragnar they want to raid."

"I know, but I am not leaving you alone if I know that Rollo is trying to get to you," he replied. "My mate comes first, raiding after." Thkatla smiled at him and felt her cheeks flush red, he gently placed a kiss on her lips and pulled her into a hug. "No one hurts my shieldmaiden." Thkatla chuckled and pulled him closer to her.

"I'd hope not," she said.

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