19. First Date

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Author's note:
Please don't start the music until I say so. Thank you. Sorry if you don't like chocolate I've cream, but I needed a set flavor.
~ The Silver Angel

• Y/n - your name

~~~Your point of view~~~
       The week passed quickly for you and Damian and soon you two would have your first date. You woke up at 5:00 AM and sat in your window thinking about what you would do later. It was spring time so the flowers in the gardens showed vibrant hues and the sun was warm on your skin. You listened to music until 6:00 AM and got ready for the day. You took a shower, brushed and dried your hair, sprayed yourself with a little of your perfume, brushed your teeth and went to get dressed.
Your look:

You looked out the window to see the sun make the rose garden glow with golden light

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You looked out the window to see the sun make the rose garden glow with golden light. You grabbed your phone, earbuds, and wallet then headed downstairs. You walked over to the table for breakfast. At the table Dick was eating cereal, Tim was reading something on his tablet, Jason was complaining about something to Dick, and Damian was smirking at something probably about our date later. "Good morning," you said as you walked to the table and sat next to Damian.
       "Good morning Miss Y/n," Alfred said handing you a piece of toast on a plate.
       "Thank you, Alfred," you smiled taking the plate.
       "You are very welcome Miss Y/n," the old man said walking out of the kitchen.
       You were about to eat your toast when Dick asked, "So, when is your first date?" Damian choked on the orange juice he had been drinking and you put your toast back down on its plate.
       "Um," you mumbled as you looked at Damian who had also been surprised by the question.
       "Yeah, you asked her out, when are you guys actually going to go out?" Jason backed him up.
       Damian smirked. 'Was he really going to tell them?' You wondered. "Today," Damian told his brothers.
       "What?" Jason and Dick yelled.
       "Cool, what do you have planned?" Tim asked calmly, unlike his brothers.
       "We're just going to lunch," you laughed at Jason and Dick.
       "Maybe we'll go to a bakery or look in a couple shops too," Damian added.
       You continued breakfast after dropping the subject of our first date. You and Tim talked about the technology in your recording studio while Dick and Jason teased Damian.

~~~Time skip to your first date~~~
~~~Your point of view~~~
       You had been in your recording studio in the morning while Damian trained in the Batcave. Before lunchtime, Damian peaked through the studio door and you invited him in. He was dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt but he still looked good. You walked over and wrapped your arms around his neck. "So where are we going for lunch?" You asked him.
       "Metropolis," he grinned.
       "How will we get there?"
       "The zeta tubes go to metropolis and we can walk to a restaurant or cafe."
       "Cool, let me just grab my guitar and we can go." You carefully placed your guitar in its case then pulled the strap over your shoulder. "Okay let's go," you said cheerfully before following Damian to the zeta tubes.

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