The Dream

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Donnie was fixing his stuffs in his lab before he could go to sleep. Leo, Mikey, and Raph headed to bed and slept. Donnie was done fixing his stuffs in his lab and he went to bed.

(In Donnie's dream)

Donnie was standing in the streets in the daylight, it was all normal. But then he saw you running, he was curious why you were running. Thats why he followed you.

"(Y/N), why are you running!?" Donnie screamed. But nothing happened you just kept running, it's like you don't see him or even hear him.

But Donnie still followed you, you were still running. Then you stopped running and hid under a car. Donnie kept calling your name, but you didn't respond. Then Donnie saw Karai heading towards the car you are hiding in.

"Donnie pick up!." You said. Donnie saw you, holding your tablet phone. Then Karai saw you under the car and pulled you out.

"Where are the vigilanties called The Turtles?." Karai asked you, she was holding your neck. Donnie was just standing there, he doesn't know how to react on what he's seeing.

"I-WONT TELL YOU!." You screamed at Karai and you kicked her stomach and you ran away. Donnie still followed you, but you disappeared. Everything went black and it started to rain.

Then boom!, Donnie woke up from his dream.

He saw Mikey pouring water at his face and you were there stopping Mikey.

"Mikey!." Donnie screamed, then Mikey ran away.

"Hi Donnie." You said, then Donnie wiped out the water in his face and said "Oh, hi." he replied "You must've got a good sleep, it's like 12 pm already." You said "Yeah, good night, sleep." Donnie was looking sad then he said "I actually kind of had a bad dream." he told you.

"What is it?." You asked curiously. "Well I saw you running away from Karai, and uhm." Donnie was nervous saying everything that had happened so he said "You were just running away from Karai." He told you nervously.

"But why tho?." You asked Donnie "Lets not talk about it, but don't worry I will always check your tracker. And if you're in trouble we will go and save you." Donnie said.

"Sorry if Donnie's like that, he's just concerned for his crush." Raph said, he was laughing while he was walking away.

"Raph!." Donnie screamed, then he looked at you. You can tell that he's really shy, but you were just looking at him confused. "I'm uh, i'm ve-" Then you hugged him, his mouth was a little but opened and his glasses is almost falling off from his nose.

"It's fine." You said, then you headed your way to Raph.

Donnie was just standing there then Mikey came up to him. Mikey closed Donnie's mouth and fixed his glasses then he went to you and Raph.

You and Raph are playing Snakes and Ladders, it was your turn already, you rolled the dice and you got three. Raph looked at you and said "Seriously, again?." Then you moved three steps came up to a ladder reached 100, and you won. "Don't worry. ypu'll win next time." You told Raph, "Hopefully." he replied.

(Time Skip)

It's already 9:30 pm and you have to go home, since 9:30 is your curfew. "Bye guys, see you tomorrow." You said "Bye." Leo, Mikey, and Raph said. Then you headed out but Donnie ran towards you "Do you want me to come with you or something?." He asked. "Uhm no thanks, i'm good. See you tomorrow!." Then you went out.

You were walking down the streets, then you felt that someones following you so you looked behind you but no one was there. But then when you looked back in front of you, you saw a man with a mask and a gun that is strapped in his body. Then he placed a sack on your head, and everything went dark.

Donnie was looking thru his computer screen, he was making sure that you got home safe. But he was curious that your tracker was moving fast.

"Guys I think there's something wrong with (Y/N)." Donnie said "Why?." Leo asked. "Well her tracker is moving so fast." Raph looked at Donnie and said "Maybe she took a taxi." Donnie looked at Raph seriously "If she's riding a taxi, then why is it going 160 kilometers per hour?."

"He has a point dudes." Mikey said, "Well i'm going, she might be in danger." Donnie said "Mikey are you coming?." Donnie looked at Mikey "Uh, yes." he replied. 'And Leo?." Donnie was looking at Leo, "Ok  guys lets go." Then the turtles went to the Tartaruga truck and followed your tracker.

(Yes you haven't met Master Splinter yet but maybe after 2 parts you'll meet him already, sorry guys. But I hope you enjoyed!.")

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