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It's been two weeks, you haven't seen the turtles. You've been hanging out alot with Casey, you two are now friends. Two weeks ago you watched his hockey game it was really amazing, Casey even became MVP.

The turtles are in their lair, they're just doing the usual stuff they do. Mikey is playing with his drum set, Raph is working out, Leo is training, and Donnie is just browsing the internet.

"It's strange you know, that robot with a talking brain." Donnie said.

"Is it an alien?." Raph asked.

"I dont know, but one day we will figure out why is it on Earth." Donnie replied, then he stood up on his chair.

"Has anyone noticed that (Y/N) dosen't hang out with us anymore?." Donnie asked, he was very curious. You mostly hang out with them, especially Donnie. Whenever you come to the lair and hang out with them, you mostly hang out with Donnie. You guys talk about science, sometimes you guys try to invent something, or mostly browse the internet. He misses you, all of them does.

"We did notice." Leo replied, still training.

"Did we did anything that she didn't like?, did we annoy her?." Donnie asked.

"Donnie she has school, she needs to focus. She'll come anyway." Leo replied.

"Or maybe she dosen't really want to hang out with us after what happened to her." Raph said, he was now with Mikey playing the drums.

"Lets visit her." Donnie suggested then everyone went silent.

"Why won't you go and visit her, yourself." Raph said.

"Well yeah, Raphael is right." Leo said.

"I mean you have a crush on her." Mikey said, then Donnie looked at Mikey irritated.

"Fine, i'll go." Donnie said, then he went back and browsed the internet.

It's a Friday and it was 8:33 in the evening, you were hanging out with Casey on your rooftop. You guys were eating slices of pepporoni pizza.

"This pizza is good." Casey said while he was eating pizza, but he's almost done finishing it.

"Yeah it's my favorite." You replied, you were done eating your pizza.

"You know I really like Manhattan, because of the lights when it's in the evening and the food and the good friends you make." Casey said, he was done eating his pizza.

"Yeah, but what I really like are my friends. They are my second family." You replied then you remembered the turtles and Master Splinter.

"You're my friend." Casey said smiling at you.

"Yeah, you're my friend too." You  replied and smiled back. Then you just had an additional conversation for 10 minutes, then Casey stood up because you guys were sitting.

"Anyways (Y/N) I have to go now. See you on Monday and goodnight." Casey said, then you also stood up.

"Sure, see you." You replied, then Casey went to the door and went down. Once you entered the door to go down to your room, you heard a loud noise. You checked outside you didn't see anything or anyone.

"Hello?." You said nervously, "Is someone there?." No one replied, you were scared cause it might be Karai again so you went back to the door. But before you could close it you heard something that scared you.

"(Y/N)?." Donnie said, yup you heard Donnie. You went out and you saw Donnie.

"Donnie!, you scared me!." You said, then you went up to him. "What are you doing here?"

"I just came to visit." Donnie said "You haven't been hanging out with us lately"

You looked at Donnie you felt bad for yourself and you want to tell the truth so you did. You walked up towards Donnie.

"Donnie, I am really greatful that you and your brothers are always there for me when I needed you guys the most. And I-I wanted to do the same thing, I was just worried you know." You told Donnie you felt shy, you looked down to your shoes.

"Worried about what?" Donnie asked, he was very curious.

You heart was pounding so fast, you looked at Donnie "I was worried and scared all this time, everytime that Karai keeps on doing something to me. What if she wants to know where you guys are, she'll harm you, hurt you. I want you guys and Master Splinter to be safe."

Donnie's eyes grew larger he was quite shocked on what you said, but most of all he appreciated it. "I understand (Y/N)." He then looked over the view of the city "Well I better get going, see you soon, stay safe." Then Donnie went back to the lair, your eyes teared up a little. Then you went back to your room and slept.

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