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You went up to the surface so you can get the pizza that you guys ordered, and headed back to the lair.

"Pizza's here!" You said and opened the box of pizza and placed it in the table. Everyone rushed in to grab a slice of pizza except for Master Splinter because he is resting.

"Yum!" Mikey exclaimed then he took a big bite.

"Don't forget to leave some for dad" Leo reminded everyone, and everyone, including you agreed.

You only ate one slice of pizza because you're not that hungry. You were just sitting in the seat thinking of something, then Raph snapped his fingers infront of your face. You were suprised.

"You alright (Y/N)?" Raph asked

"Yeah" You replied, but in reality something is bothering you, but you don't know what.

"Guys who wants to play truth or dare!" Mikey asked

"I'm in" Raph said

"Me too" Leo said

"How about you D?" Mikey asked

"Yeah i'm joining" he replied

"Ok dudes form a big circle" Mikey said and they formed a big circle

Donnie looked at you and asked "Hey (Y/N), wanna join truth or dare?"

You looked back and said "sure" then you joined in the circle

You were beside Raph and Raph was beside Leo and Leo is beside Donnie and Donnie is beside Mikey.

"Okay guys, I'll start the game" Mikey volunteered "Who will ask me truth or dare?"

"Me!!" Donnie said excitingly "Ok Mikey, pick truth or dare?"

Mikey didn't want to do a dare so he picked truth.

"I'll choose truth" Mikey said

"okay,, is it true that you took some of my markers?" Donnie asked

You, Raph and Leo laughed at Donnie's question.

"Uhmmm...." Mikey said nervously and everyone included you didn't look away at Mikey. "Fine I did!! But I only did it because I wanted to draw because I was so bored. I'm sorry D if I took your markers, next time I'll ask permission." Mikey  apologised to Donnie.

"I knew it, but it's okay Mikey, I forgive you" Donnie said and gave his brother a hug.

"Well now it is your turn Donnie!" Mikey pointed at Donnie "Now pick, truth or dare"

Donnie doesn't want to do a dare to because Mikey might dare him something that might cause him trouble, therefore he chose truth.

"I pick truth" Donnie said, he felt excited but he didn't know what was coming.

"Okay Donnie you picked truth, now tell me, is it true that you have a crush on Y/N??" Mikey said, he was very confident saying that. He couldn't ask Donnie before because he feared that Donnie might get mad at him, but this time he really had to ask.

Donnie was shocked, he felt very embarrassed and nervous. Raph, Mikey, Leo, and you were looking at Donnie. You were waiting for his answer but you could really tell that Donnie didn't want to answer Mikey's question.

"Donnie answer the question!!" Raph told Donnie, he wanted to know whether its true or false.

"Come on Donatello, it's okay" Leo said, he was convincing Donnie to tell if it is true that he has a crush on you or not.

Donnie breathed deeply and calmed himself then he answered Mikey's question.

"Yes, I do have a crush on Y/N" Donnie confessed then he stood up and walked towards his room and he locked the door.

Everyone around you went silent.

You felt sad for Donnie because he got embarrassed and you know what it feels to be embarrassed.

"Well, at least we now know the truth." Raph said and he stood up as well as you, Leo and Mikey.

"Let's give him some space." Leo told everyone "Well see you tomorrow Y/N we really enjoyed this day with you."

You smiled and said "Thank you guys, well I better go back now, I feel tired." Then you hugged Mikey, Leo and Raph and you left the lair and headed back home.

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