Missing people in NYC

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It's been two days after that weird thing that happened. You were just on your rooftop thinking if you will ever see the turtles again, I mean they're really cool. But then you saw the pizza place near your apartment and you remembered that they like pizza too, so you went to your room and took some cash and headed out to the pizza place. You were so excited to enter but when you entered the restaurant no one was there, you looked around everything was a mess. You were so curious of what had happened, you looked up you saw the television was on and it was on Channel 6 news. You saw your favorite reporter, April O'Neil.

"There are numerous reports of people going missing, and the NYPD is trying their best to find them. That is all for tonight my name is April O'Neil from Channel 6, Goodnight!." Then the news was over, you were curious. People going missing?, but why? You then got out of the pizza place and you headed to your apartment and talked to your dad since he is part of the New York City Police Department.

"Dad!" You said screaming.

"Why are you screaming, it's 9 in the evening." Your dad said.

"Why are people going missing? I need to know!." You said.

"I dont even know, but the say its the Foot Clan who is causing this." Your dad said.

"Foot Clan?." You said curiously.

"They're some kind of ninjas." Your dad said heading towards the stairs. You were shocked when you heard the word "ninja". You then rushed outside leaving your dad curious. You were walking down the street and you were talking to yourself trying to figure out something.

"Wait, so people are going missing because of the Foot Clan. And the Foot Clan are some kind of ninjas and the one who took me two days ago were ninjas, they must've been part of the Foot Clan too!." You said to yourself figuring it out. You need to tell this to the turtles, but you dont know how. But you remembered they live in a sewer, so you went near on a manhole hoping you could find them. But you heard a loud noise then you checked it out, then you saw them the turtles. You were shocked you came up to them.

"Woah I was about to go to that manhole and try to find you guys." You said laughing.

"Well were actually finding you." Donnie said placing his bo-staff in his back.

"Why?." You said curiously.

"People have been going missing and we need your help." Leo said politely.

"Uhm I dont think I can help i'm not a ninja and-" You said but you were cut off by Raph.

"You're gonna be the bait." Raph said. Then you raised your eyebrows.

"Me, BAIT!?" You screamed raising your eyebrows.

"Yes but dont worry we'll keep an eye on you." Leo said putting his elbow on Raph's shoulder.

"And protect you." Mikey said walking towards you. You cant believe it you'll be the bait like what!?. You then walked towards Leo, looking down then looking him straight at the face.

"Fine i'll be bait." You said crossing your arms. "But when will we do it?, when will I be bait?." You asked curiously.

"Actually.." Donnie said while he was scratching his neck "Now." Donnie finished his phrase then Mikey carried you then all of you went to the manhole and down to the sewer.

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