Normal day? in New York

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You were walking down the streets in New York, you liked everything about New York like the lights, and tall buildings. It's 7pm and you were walking down in a dark street you were going home that time, you were thinking about your math homework. You hate math but not really tho, you really need a tutor so you can be more better at it. You were almost there at your apartment, your mom and dad and your siblings waiting for you, after you thought about that you ran since you remembered your dad brought home some pepporoni pizza which is your favorite. But then you heard someone, you heard a really deep voice which scared you.

"Huh?!" You said nervously.

"Dont worry, I wont hurt you." A mysterious voice said.

"Uh... I better get going now, my family is waiting for me." You said nervously then you ran as fast as you can but then someone blocked your way, then five guys started to appear it was kinda weird cause they were wearing some kind of jumpsuits.

"AHHHH!" You screamed in terror, you looked thru left and right. Yes you were trapped, you didnt know what to do so you ran to the left side since it was only one mysterious person. But then when you tried pushing her out of the way, she punched you in the face. You got up touching your face, you were so scared.

"Sorry but we need you." Then that mysterious voice kicked you in the face then everything became black.

Then you opened up your eyes then it felt so cold and your hair was swaying then you looked around, you didnt know where you were. Then you looked below then you saw yourself ontop of the Empire State Building all tied up, and you cannot speak since your mouth was covered in tape. Then you saw a mysterious figure then you saw a lady she had bangs her hair was tied up in a ponytail she was looking at you.

"Whats your name!?" She said.

"(Y/N)" You said but you didnt say it clearly since you had tape in your mouth.

"Oh nice name" She said sarcastically.

"You know, we're sick and tired of these vigilanties here. Always stopping us from what we we're doing always hurting my men. So since i'm sick of that, I just took you. A random innocent person walking down a street, and now lets just see there faces in fear they have to pay the price!." She said confidently she looked at you straight in the face "Goodbye" she said then she pushed you. You were so scared you were screaming so loud cause you were falling down a 1,454 ft building, then you closed your eyes bracing for impact. You never expected this, NEVER. But then you felt something so weird you didnt open your eyes since you were so scared. You heard sounds of the glass and then you heard the noises of the cars in the streets then finally you landed on land well actually on a rooftop. You opened your eyes you were looking around you were shaking cause you just cant believe it!, you were falling down a building then now you're on a rooftop. Then you from behind you saw a tall shadow figure, then you turned around. You saw a six foot giant green mutant, you didnt know what it was so you screamed. Then it came towards you and took off the rope that was tied in your foot and in your hands and the tape that was covering your mouth.

"What- WHAT!" You screamed so loud.

"What the heck was that all about!, I was just walking down the streets heading home then a random lady just popped up infront of me and five guys then punched me in the face!. Then I WOKE UP ON TOP OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING!!." You screamed cause you were scared and nervous.

"Uhm mam, we have alot to explain but you should come with us first." A mysterious voice said, you cant really identify what it was since they were in the shadows.

"Why would I come with you i'm only 15, I cant come with strangers!." You said confidently but deep inside you are still scared and nervous.

"LOL SAME AGE BRUH!" Another mysterious voice said.

"Ok!?." You said still scared and nervous and curious. Then one figure came infront walking towards you then your eyes were looking at that figure confused then you saw a giant green turtle. You figured it out it was a turtle because of it's shell. Then you complety fainted.

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