Sneaking in TCRI part 2

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You and the turtles have reached TCRI, Donnie parked the truck in a dark place so no one would know that you guys are here.

"Ok guys we're here." Leo said "(Y/N), so what you have to do." Leo then stood up and got out of the truck with Mikey and Raph. Before Donnie could go out, he came up to you and said "The one you'll be looking at are cctvs, so just tell us if someone's coming coming." Then Donnie went out of the truck, and the turtles went to the building.

The turtles entered the emergency exit door and they were on stealth mode. They headed to the 15th floor so they could investigate on what happened yesterday. They've reached the 15th floor, they saw a man walking. Donnie used his high-tech binoculars (XD IDK what it's called) and the man was identified as Baxter Stockman.

"Guys, that man is a scientist." Donnie told his brothers. "Well how did you know?." Raph asked Donnie. "Uh, because we are in TCRI, and he is wearing a lab coat." Donnie replied to Raph's question. "Ok guys, lets follow him." Leo said, then the turtles followed Baxter Stockman. Donnie then used his small phone and talked to you. 

"Hey (Y/N), check the cctvs. If you see a man wearing a lab coat, tell me where he's heading." Donnie said "Got it." You replied, you looked at the screen of the tablet and you saw a man wearing a lab coat. "Donnie I found him!." You told Donnie "Where's he heading?." You looked more closely to the screen "Where are you?." You asked curiously "Uhm, we are near at a comfort room." Donnie replied. You looked at the tablet screen and you saw the man passed thru the comfort room. "Donnie he passed by the comfort room." You told Donnie "We saw him!." Donnie said. Then the turtles followed Stockman carefully so they wouldn't get caught. Then Baxter Stockman entered a room, "So... what now?." Raph asked curiously.

"We need to know what he's doing in there." Leo said "Well I'm pretty sure they don't have a cctv camera in there. So, to solve this problem." Donnie said, then he took out a small droid "We use this droid, but I'm gonna control it." Donnie said, then he took his controller on the right side of his arm.

"But please be quiet guys." Donnie said then he turned on the droid and started flying it. He went close to a window. "How are we supposed to hear or see him?." Mikey asked "We can't see him, but we can hear him." Donnie replied "I can't hear him." Mikey said "Lets just all be quiet, and here what he's saying." Leo said.

There's a speaker on Donnie's controller, then the turtles heard voices. "Why are we animals, what the heck happened to us!?." A strange voice said "This purple ooze turned you into animals." Baxter Stockman said. "So I'm a piggie?." The strange voice said. "You're a warthog, and your friend is a rhinoceros." Baxter Stockman said. The turtles were shocked, Donnie then took his droid "Guys, lets get back to the lair." Donnie said. Then the turtles went back to the truck.

You saw the turtles, and they went in the truck. "So what happened?." You asked "We'll tell you when we get back to the lair." Donnie replied to you. Then you and the turtles headed your way to the lair.

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