Some days are just not normal in New York

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You were lying down on a bed on a curvy bed you were so tired and you were so scared, your body was in pain. Then you woke up you saw bright lights, you saw an Xbox infront of you, some small tv, and alot of writings on the wall, then you saw a blanket wrapped around you. You were so amazed!, you took off the blanket then got out of the bed. You were so amazed on everything you saw, you even saw a table full of tv screens/aptop screens on top. And whats even cooler you saw a chair made out of skateboards!.

"COOL!." You screamed happily.

"Yeah!" A mysterious voice said.

Your eyes widened you couldnt believe what you just saw.

"Uhm...yeah!, a giant reptile or I mean a giant six foot turtle with a mask!." The giant turtle said.

You were so amazed to the point you werent scared anymore.

"Woah." You whispered in amazement.

"So uhm.... your a giant turtle with a mask. And thank you for saving my life, but I have one question." You said smiling "Why was your bed shaped in a cirlce?" You said curiously, the ginat turtle laughed.

"Oh it's because of my shell." He said laughing "Oh by the way, my name is Donatello but you could call me Donnie." He said smiling at you.

"Oh cool name!, my name is (Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N), it's a pleasure to meet you." You said smiling at him, you just realized that you werent scared anymore.

"She's awake!." Another giant turtle said happily, then two more giant turtles came.

"Oh uhm, (Y/N) these are my brothers. The one with the orange mask is Michelangelo" "But you could call me Mikey!" Mikey said happily "Uhm continuing, the one with the red mask is Raphael you can call him Raph. Then the one with the blue mask is Leonardo but you can call him Leo." Donnie said smiling.

"H-h-hi." You said nervously.

"Whats up bruh, name's Michelangelo." Mikey said walking towards you.

"Hi." You said normally.

"Sorry for what happened back there (Y/N), I know what happened was scary and unusual but dont worry we will protect you." Leo said nicely.

"But what are they?." You said curiously.

"They were ninjas." Raph said.

"Ninjas!?." You screamed, you cant believe what you heard.

"Yep, ninjas." Donnie said.

"I uh- wait what time is it!?" You asked.

"Uhm it's 12 am." Donnie told you.

"WHAT 12 AM!, oh no I need to go home. My parents might worry about me also the pizza they might've ate it all already!." You were worrying.

"Damn you like pizza too?." Mikey asked

"Yes it's my favorite." You told Mikey.

"Well uh i'll go now, so where's your front door?." You asked.

"We dont have a front door (Y/N)." Donnie said.

"What do you mean?" You asked.

"We live in the sewer." Raph said, you were shocked like shell shocked.

"Oh okay." You said awkwardly smiling.

"So uhm could you take me home?" You asked them politely.

"Sure." Leo said

After that conversation Mikey was carrying you because he said he want's too since it's really wet here. Then they were just heading you home jumping thru roofs and running, it was so cool of course they were ninjas. After the long trip you're on top of the roof top of your apartment, Mikey placed you down gently you smiled at him he smiled back.

"Woah that was so cool you guys!." You said smiling "I just wanna say thank you for saving my life and thanks for heading me home." You said, you were so thankful.

"No problem (Y/N)." Leo said smiling at you.

"Well I guess I need to go now I have alot of explaining to do." You said.

"Uhm (Y/N) would you do us a favor, it's really important." Leo said politely.

"Sure Leo, anything." You said.

"Dont tell a word about this to anyone, please?." Leo said politely.

"Keep it a secret please." Raph said.

"Sure no problem, I wont tell anyone I promise." You raised your hand when you said you promised anyone not to tell a word about this.

"Thank You (Y/N)." Leo said smiling at you. Then they all waved goodbye except for Donatello since he was still smiling at you, then Raph pulled him away and Donatello waved you a goodbye. You laughed then rushed thru the stairs and came to your door. As soon as you knocked on your door your parents were there, they were so worried they hugged you. They asked were have you been all evening, you just told them that you were at a friends house. You kept your promise, then after all of that you ate two slices of pepporoni pizza then brush your teeth then went to bed.

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