Sneaking into TCRI part. 1

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It was a Saturday, you just woke up from your nap. You took your phone and you checked the time, and it was 5:30 pm. You dressed up in your favorite clothes, then you went out and headed to the lair.

You reached the lair, you saw Mikey skateboarding. "Hi" you waved your hand to Mikey, "Hey (Y/N)" then he stopped and took his skateboard and placed it in the back of his shell. "So when are you sneaking in?." You asked Mikey "I don't know, well we are gonna sneak in today. But Donnie is still doing something, so I still don't know know." Mikey replied to you, while the two of you are headed to the desk full of computers where Donnie is.

"Hey Donnie." You said

"Oh hey (Y/N)." Donnie replied to you, while he was typing.

"What are you doing?." You asked, while looking closely to the computer screen.

"Well I was just reading some information about TCRI." Donnie replied to your question, then he stood up. "So, are you guys ready?." Donnie said, then you saw Leo and Ralph heading to the three of you.

"Yeah." Leo said "But (Y/N), for your own safety. We would recommend you to go home." Leo said, he was looking at you concerned.

"Hey..." Mikey said.

"I didn't mean it as a bad thing." Leo looked at Mikey. "Listen, (Y/N) is our friend and we don't want her to get hurt." Leo said while he was looking at all of us.

"Well she can come without getting hurt." Donnie told Leo "She can stay at the truck, and tell us if someone's coming." Donnie looked at you. "By using this." Donnie then handed you a small tablet and he also gave you a headphone. "Just tell us if someone's coming or whatever, there's a mike on the right side of the headphone." Donnie pointed out the mike "Dont worry, I can hear you. I have a headphone too." Donnie said while he was looking at you.

"So, are we going or what?." Raph asked.

"We are going, let's go!." Leo said, and all of you headed to the truck. Donnie started the engine, and you headed off to TCRI.

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