Two Mutants

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You and the two mutans reached the top of the building, it was so cold up here. You could see all the other apartments and buildings on top. Then the warthog placed you on a corner, he then looked below the building. He then laughed and looked at you, you looked away you were nervous and scared. Then he came towards you.

"My names Beebop, I hope you're ready to fly!." Beebop said laughing then he touched your hoodie and placed you on the edge of the roof, if he lets go of your hoodie you'll fall.

"Stop!!!." You screamed in terror, you were so scared.

"Here comes the turtles!" The rhinoceros said he then ran towards Beebop.

"If you come near us, we will let go of her!." Beebop told the turtles, you were just hanging with your jacket you were so scared.

"We wont!." Donnie said then he took out his ninja smoke bombs and he threw it on the floor and they disappeared.

"Where are they?." Beebop said curiously, he kept looking around but he cant see them. Then you you saw Leo kicked the rhinoceros and Raph punched Beebop and Mikey kicked him too. Then since Beebop got punched and kicked he let go of you, you were falling you were SO SCARED you kept screaming. Donnie saw you were falling he went after you he took your hoodie and Raph grabbed Donnie's foot while Mikey grabbed Raph's foot and Leo was grabbing Mikey's foot, you were all hanging. You looked above you, you saw Donnie holding your hoodie. "Dont worry we got ya!." Donnie said, then all of you stopped hanging and went back to the roof. But as soon as you all got back to the roof Beebop and the rhinoceros were gone.

"Where are they?." You asked while you were breathing heavily.

"I dont know, but the important thing is you're safe now." Leo said putting his Katana on the back of his shell.

"Are you alright (Y/N)?." Mikey asked you.

"Uhm yeah, yeah i'm fine." You replied still breathing heavily.

"Dont worry (Y/N) we will protect you." Donnie said while he was holding his bo-staff. You then leave TCRI and went back to the lair.

In the Lair

You've reached the lair, you sat on Donnie's skateboard chair and Mikey gave you a cup of water. You drank the cup of water, Donnie was figuring out who the two mutants are.

"One of them was a warthog and the other one was a rhinoceros." Donnie said fixing his glasses.

"But the question is, where they mutated like us?." Leo said curiosuly.

"Well probably." Donnie replied.

"Also the other question is, why were they in TCRI?." Raph said curiosly.

"Well that is the question that we are going to find out tomorrow." Donnie said.

"We're going back to TCRI!." Mikey asked.

"Yes Mikey, we are." Leo said looking at Mikey.

"But what happens if the warthog and the rhinoceros comes back?." Mikey asked Leo curiously.

"Dont worry Mikey, if they're there we wont get caught. We're ninjas." Raph said.

"Yeah." You said, they all looked at you.

"I'm sorry for what happened back there (Y/N)." Leo said.

"Nah it's fine." You replied. "Well I better get going now, see you guys tomorrow." You then stood up and waved goodbye then you left the lair, and went home.

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