Chapter 10: Just Thinking

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Okay before I start sorry for not updating but I got super behind in school.  Also I totally forgot what my plot twist was so Id what I'm doin rn so imma just go with the flow.

Kara's POV

      Life at Catco is slow right now. The police have been able to handle everything, doesn't seem like they ever needed Supergirl. Looking back now is realize that I wasn't that good of a superhero. I had such a god complex, yes I saved people and everything, but I was so overdramatic about things.

     I've been spending most my time at the diner, which also means spending that time with Lexa. She's such a nice person, but has this weird need to be in control. We've gotten really close over the last couple weeks. She's helped me realize that I don't need powers to be happy and before you start thinking that I've told her about me, no I haven't. I don't want to put her in danger.

"Kara? Hello?" Lexa says snapping her fingers
"Oh sorry. What'd you say?" I ask looking in her green eyes
"I asked if you were okay. You just kinda froze up for a minute."
"Oh sorry, yeah I'm good just thinking." I reply
"About what?" She asks taking a bite of her burger
"Just how glad I am that I met you" I smile
"I'm glad we met too" She smiles, " I um was wondering if you would want to um maybe like uh go on a date?"

     I sit there wide eyed as I try to process what she just said. A date, like a date date? Me and her? I've never been on a date with a girl. It would be just like with a guy right?
"It's okay if you don't want to." She gives me a small smile. Sadness and sincerity is all I can see in her eyes. She sure is a softy for being so badass. "Kara?"
"Oh! Yeah sorry um that would be nice." I smile. Wait! What? I didn't think this though. Crap what if the date goes bad and I ruin our friendship. Oh man I'm screwed. Her smile widens and there's a little twinkle in her eye.
"Awesome! Does tomorrow work at like 8?"
"Yeah" her smile is so contagious
"Sweet! I should probably get going" she says looking down at her watch
"I should too" I say getting up

     She gets up to and we hug. I love her hugs, they're so warm and make me feel safe. Just like when he used to hug me. I sigh into the hug and pull her closer. Hugging her will never get old. I wonder what it would be like to fall asleep in her strong arms.

Super short chapter AGAIN. Don't worry I'm planning on writing the next chapter later tonight. I'm just busy rn I have family over.

I know this wasn't what I was thinking for the plot twist but it just kinda happened.

I'm think the next chapter will be in maybe Lena's POV


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