Chapter 12: Attitude

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Kara's POV

Today's my date with Lexa. I'm so nervous, I really want this to go good and not mess up our friendship.

     It's been another slow day in the office. Right now I'm cleaning my desk for the fifth time and worrying about the date.
"Hey!" I look up to see Lena standing there
"Oh hey."
"What's up you seem... I don't know not yourself?"
"Yeah I'm just kinda nervous. I have a date tonight and I don't know if it's a good idea." Lena looks shocked and sad, but quickly wipes the look of her face.
"That's awesome! Why would it be a bad idea?"
"Well I've gotten really close to the person and I don't want to mess up our friendship."
"You never know, sometimes it's better to figure out if your compatible with someone rather than always wondering 'what if'."
"Yeah I guess. It's just I don't want to lose her as a friend. Anyways how've you been?"
"I've been good. Really busy with work."
"Anything interesting?"
"No not really just testing different things. Well I should probably head back to the lab, just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing." She smiles, man it's been awhile since I've seen her smile.
"Yeah I should probably get back to work too."

     She was acting kinda weird, like she was holding back from saying something. Sighing I grab my bag and go tell Miss Grant that I'm going to lunch. Maybe some Noonans will help.

     I'm sitting at the bar eating my food when I hear a scream, turning to see where the scream came from I see a man holding a gun to the cashiers head. I stand up ready to stop the man but remember I don't have my powers.
"What you wanna save the day?" The man nags
" I just wanted to get out of here" that was believable right? The man stocks over to me and pushes the muzzle of his gun to my forehead, everyone still in the restaurant gasps, "You think cause your superhero is gone that you can be her replacement?"
"No I really just wanted to leave."
"You've got a nice little attitude now don't ya."
"If you're done being an ass I've got places to be." I think my bored tone really pushed him over the edge
"You won't" I learned that I absolutely love pushing people's buttons. This just pisses the guy off more, his face is almost as red as a cherry now. His red face is the last thing I see before everything goes black.


Happy late holidays!

This is waaayyy overdue, I know I'm sorry. I got super busy with school and sports. I also know this chapter is super short but hang in there. I might do shorter chapters but try to update more, but idk how well that will go. Hopefully you guys sorta enjoyed this chapter.

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