Chapter 13: The Cave

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Quick AN:

Sorry I haven't updated for awhile I had shit I needed to figure out, but I'm back. Also I realized the last chapter was shit and I really didn't know what I wanted with the ending. I'm genuinely so confused about it.


Kara's POV

    I'm so tired of only being able to see black. It's kinda funny, being in this constant sea of black really opened my eyes to everything. These last couple months without my powers have been hard, I knew that, but I didn't realize how deep I hid how it was really effecting me. I pushed everyone away, told them I was fine, that I just needed "space" or "time alone" or some other bullshit like that. What I really needed was my friends, my family, I needed them they're the only way I would get through this. I acted like I was perfectly happy without the biggest part of me, that it wasn't hurting not being able to be myself. They were always there no matter what type of mood I was in, they knew I needed them when I didn't think I did. For that I can't thank them enough, and I just wish I could wake up right now and tell them.

    Also I'd like to take a second and just be sour cause I missed my date with Lexa. She probably thought I ditched, that I actually didn't want to go on a date with her. God she probably hates me right now. I really hope she's not too upset. I'll have to talk to her when I wake up.

    What really bothers me this time being in this dumb cave I seem to keep coming back to is that I can't hear anything. Nota. No voices, no beeping, not a breath. Only my thoughts. I know I'm not dead, it just seems like it. You know this is probably a test, see if I give up, see how strong I really am. Everyone outside this cave is my motivation. Alex, John, James, Lena, Lexa, Cat, Clark, and every other human on earth. I can't give up, they need me, but most importantly I need them.

    I've been trying to come up with a cool name for my cave like how Batman has The Batcave. Maybe The supercave? Eh, not a huge fan. It's a work in progress. OH I GOT A GOOD ONE! Ugh I actually hate myself for this one. Wait for it.... The Fortress of Thoughts. Oh my that was awful. Yeah I need to move on. I need something else to think about. Also I need someone else other than myself to talk to.

     I could really go for some potstickers right about now. Food in general sounds good. I didn't even get to eat my food before that jackass ruined my lunch. Which brings me back, what actually happened to me? I know he didn't shoot me, I'd be dead for sure if he did.

     You know being in my very much shaded cave as often as I am made me realize how stupid I've been lately. Life is way to short to worry about the dumb little things. Life should be about going out there and meeting new people, trying new things, and just anything but worry. I'm ready to live, I'm ready to face everything, I'm ready to leave this cave and do everything in life that I want to, Im ready to be myself. Also need to stop ending up in this cave, it's very time consuming and life just happens to be short, and can be even shorter than expected. I never really thought about the consequences if I really did die. Like what would Alex do, heck what would any of my friends and family do? I can't leave them like that, especially if the guy did end up shooting me. I would've regretted so much, but everyone would find away to say it was their fault, that they didn't try hard enough or something along those lines. Life is worth living and there's always people you can go to even when you feel you don't need them.

     I wonder what's going on outside my cave, I haven't found the way out yet so I haven't been able to see the news. It's a wonder how I still have a sense of humor, a not very good one, but still. Maybe it's just me going crazy. Speaking of crazy I have no clue how long my visit to the cave has been this time and it's driving me bonkers.

     Going back to missing my date thing, I wonder what would've happened on the date. Ugh I really want out of here, like right now. I think I just heard something! I need to stop talking to myself so I can hear.
I can actually hear something!I told myself I wasn't dead! Kara:1 um crazy part of Kara:0?
"She's stable"
Oh boy I'm so happy I can hear things again!
"Um can I be with her alone?"
I can't remember who the voices belong to. There's some mumbling and then a door opening and closing.
"Hey Kara, it's me Lexa. If you can hear me I just wanted to tell you I'm not mad or anything that we didn't get to have our date. Okay I'm a little sad. Alex was the one who called me. She told me that Lena told her you were supposed to have a date later that night so she found my contact on your phone and called me. I'm sorry this happened, I should've been there, I should've been there to save you. I had this, this feeling in my gut all day that something bad was going to happen, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry I just I-" she was crying, Lexa Woods was crying, and because of me. This was not her fault, none of it is. How could she have known something was going to happen to me? I really need to wake up.

     Getting out of this cave is so frustrating. I'm going to find my way out and now. It's like my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. I can see the outlines of the cave walls. The more I run the more defined everything gets, the brighter it gets in this dark ass cave.
"Kara? Alex! Alex! Get in here she just squeezed my hand!" I did? I didn't feel it though. Is that bad? I hear the door burst open.
"She what!"
"She squeezed my hand! I felt it I promise!"
I have to keep running, the more I run the closer I get, then I can finally get out of this hell hole... my bad, this cave.

I can see it! I can see the hole in the cave wall! I'm so close! Finally, I can get out and talk to someone other than myself!

I burst though, I was expecting it to feel amazing but it hurt like shit. I sat up so quick which didn't help at all, but also I hit heads with not one but two people, and the light is blinding as crap. I let out a groan, not just from the light but from hitting heads too.


Welp there it is kids! Hopefully better than last chapter and WAY overdue. This update happened to be more than 1200 words and I'm kinda surprised. I guess I made not knowing what I was trying to do last chapter kinda worked out.

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