Chapter 5: I Need You. Your All I Got

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Lena's POV

     I sit in a chair next to the bed, listening to the slow beep of the heart monitor, drowning out Alex and the doctors conversation.

It's been three weeks since James told me Kara was shot. I was expecting it to be just one bullet wound, but it was more than that. No one knows how she survived.

     "Lena...Lena." I look up realizing that Alex was saying my name.

"You look exhausted. You should go home and get some rest."
"I'll be fine right here. I'm not leaving until she wakes up."
"Please Lena. I'll be here. You need some sleep so you can go run your company."
"I can do my work on my laptop."

"Please, Kara would want you to continue with you daily life, not sit in here with her the whole time."

"How would you know what she wants?!" I yell at her, "Your the one that killed her aunt, she was so close to getting her to turn sides!"

"Believe me I didn't want to kill Astra, but I did what I had to do." Alex growls at me. "And you're way out of line Luthor. You have no right commenting on what me or my family does. You barely even know Kara!"

"I know that I was there for her when her boyfriend terrorized the city. I've been there for her when she has nightmares. I visit her at work. She comes to me when she needs a hug or just to talk. I've been there for her, and I will always be there for he wether or not you like it." I snap back at her.

     Alex just stands there for a minute wide eyed. "That's what I thought, so if you don't mind, I'd like to get some work done." I watch as she slowly walks out of the room.

     I sigh and grab Kara's hand, "Please wake up. I need you. You can't leave me like everyone else. Please I can't handle anyone else leave me. Your all I got." I can feel the tears run down my cheeks and dripping off onto my lap.


     I wake up to the blinding sun, and look over at Kara, hoping that just maybe she's awake, but she's not. I sigh as I look at the monitor, everything's the same. Alex walks in to check Kara's vitals, obviously trying to avoid me.

     She quickly spins on her heels looking up at me, "Her vitals! Oh my god! They're stabilizing! They're not getting worse!"
"What?!" I jump up and run over to look at the computer. She's right! They're the same... almost better than yesterday! I hug Alex and surprisingly she hugs back.

"I'm sorry about yelling at you yesterday. It's just Kara is the closest thing to family I have, and I don't want to loose her."
"I'm sorry too. I lost her trust, I'm the reason why she's been distant. I have no right to be jealous, but I am."

"Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together." Alex smiles at me and gives me a tight hug before leaving to go tell J'onn about Kara.

     I turn back to Kara. She looks so peaceful, she's finally getting some rest without having nightmares... well hopefully. I just really want her back. I want to see her stunning ocean blue eyes. I want to her heart melting smile back. I want to watch her stuff potstickers in her mouth. I want to warp my arms around her and tell her that everything's going to be okay. I  want our lunch dates back and movie marathons back. I want Kara back, I need her back. I need to tell her how I feel.
"Wake up soon, please." I feel a tear run down my face.

AUTHORS NOTE: short I know, sorry about that, I finally got back from camp the other day.


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