Chapter 2: Months Earlier

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There's a knock at the door. I quickly run to the bathroom to try to wash the tear marks away. When I think it looks good enough I run over to door. I open it to find Lena standing there with hot coco, popcorn, and tons of movies.

She smiles at me, "Hey! I thought you could use a distraction."
"Thanks that's exactly what I need right now." I say forcing a small smile. I grab the hot coco and popcorn from her. "You can go pick out what we're going to watch first. I'll make us some popcorn and hot coco."

"Alright, I'll grab us some pillows and blankets to." She goes and gets the living room ready for our movie marathon.

After the popcorn and hot coco are finally done, I walk into the living room and find a fort made out of blankets surrounding the couch and tv. I smile, a real smile, when Lena's head pops out from behind one of the blankets. She gives me a childish glare and asks, "What?!"

"Nothing. Just something a four year old would do." I say trying to keep a straight face. It obviously doesn't work, the smile just kept creeping it's way onto my face.

"Well maybe that's what you need. Go back to when you were four and just forget about everything for one night. So, Kara Danvers will you be a four year old with me again?"

It would be nice, but what if someone needs Supergirl? The city will be fine for one night right? It's not like I've been doing a very good job anyways. After thinking it over I finally tell her yes.

We got through three movies, The Wizard of Oz (my all time favorite), Westside Story, and Grease. During our next movie Grease 2 (which by the way sucks just like everyone says) we started talking.

"Someone once told me that musicals have the power to make everything better."
I smile, "They did tonight. Thank you Lena."
"That's what friends are for right?" She smiles in return.

We spend hours talking about what happened. Lena told me it's better to let it out and not to keep your feelings on the inside or they'll consume you. And eventually you'll loose yourself.

It wasn't till tonight that I realized that I never actually had a real friend like Lena. Sure Alex is my sister, but that's different. After she told me that it was her who killed my aunt we've been a little distant. Then there's James and Winn, they're guys, so I couldn't really talk about all this stuff with them. One I wouldn't feel completely comfortable to, and two they would go tell Alex everything. Plus Lena gets me. She understands all the pain I'm going through.

We talk for a while before we fall asleep in each other's arms. If it weren't for Lena I would be crying myself asleep on my bed curled up in a ball right now.

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