Chapter 14: Potstickers and Pizza

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Welp it's been awhile...again...

Kara's POV

     So apparently the guy just hit me in the temple with his gun. Hmm I vaguely remember saying something along the lines of, "you won't" and if he was here right now I would say, "I told you so" and laugh in his face. I finally got out of the cave but now I'm stuck in this stupid room that I'm crazy familiar with.

This past week Lexa has been visiting me when she isn't working. In that time we had a mini movie date and have gotten to know each other more. Nothing happened on the date other than a little cuddling, but no kissing. Lexa told me basically everything, which her life story is crazy and really depressing. She told me about her friends and family, how she was the commander of her people. What ever earth she is originally from sounds terrifying. I'm very intrigued on how she ended up on this earth after her death. I wasn't expecting her to open up to me so much, but I'm glad she did. The most heartbreaking part was when she was telling me about Clark and how much she loves and misses her. Lexa started crying while talking about Clark, which I started crying. She told me about all the little things about Clark, she's clearly still in love with her. We talked about us also and our relationship, we decided that being friends is the farthest our relationship is getting.

I'll have to figure out what earth she's from so maybe I can reunite her and Clark. Cisco and Barry could probably find out. During her visits I start to notice little things, like how she reminds me of Lena, not so much her personality, but her looks. They both have darker hair, greenish eyes, are super smart.

Today is my last day in this room. The first thing I'm doing is getting some potstickers to go and heading back to my apartment. Now that I think of it I should invite Lena over so we can catch up.


     I ordered potstickers and pizza after I got back to my apartment. Lena should be here in a couple minutes. If I don't stop ending up in hospital beds Lena is really going to start asking questions, and it's hard enough lying to her about who I really am. I hate keeping things from her, especially when it's such a big part of my life. I only lie to her to protect her, if she knew I was Supergirl then she'd be in danger more than she already is and I can't do that to her.

     A knock on my door snaps me out of my thoughts. I get up from the couch and open the door to reveal Lena in sweatpants and a T-shirt.

"Come in!" I tell her

"Thanks." She waits for me to close the door and then gives me a hug, "It feels like forever since we've last hung out!"

"I'm sorry about that. It's my fault. I pushed everyone away. I was being stupid. I really am so sorry Lena. I promise I won't let myself do that again." Great now I'm starting to tear up, I really was a bad friend.

"Don't apologize! We all have times where we need to get away from everyone just to understand ourselves more."

"Please don't try to make excuses for me. I'll understand if you're not the happiest with me right now."

"Kara, really it's fine. I'm just glad we're hanging out."

"Well I got potstickers and pizza if you're hungry. They're part of my very long apology that I don't know I'll ever be able to finish making up to you."

"A night in with food, movies, and you is the only apology I need." Now I'm starting to blush and her smile and eye contact isn't helping at the moment.

"We should eat before it gets cold. You can go pick out a movie while I grab us plates."

"Okay, any thing you don't want to watch?" I shake my head no in response. Why do I get so flustered around Lena. She's my friend, your not supposed to get this flustered all the time, right? Ugh, I'm just a mess that's probably the reason.

     I walk over and sit on the couch next to her handing her a plate. "I chose The Breakfast Club, I hope that's okay." She says grabbing a slice of pizza.

"Yeah that sounds great!"


     Not even halfway through the movie we finished all the pizza and potstickers. We're currently sitting on the couch with our feet on the coffee table and a blanket over the both of us. Even with a blanket on it's a bit chilly in here.

"I'll be right back I'm going to go grab a sweatshirt, do you want one?" I ask Lena

"Sure that would be awesome!"

I head into my room in search of my two comfiest sweatshirts I have. After five minutes I finally pick which ones I want and head back out. "Here you go."

"Thank you!" She smiles and puts it on. She looks really good in my sweatshirt. I sit back down next to her after putting my own on. A couple minutes later I feel Lena lay her head on my shoulder and can't help but smile. I rest my head against hers. I hear her let out a cute little yawn and then she cuddles into to me more, which makes me realize how heavy my eyelids got. I didn't realize how much I missed this.

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