Chapter 11: Just Everything

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Lena's POV

      Three months. It's been three months since Kara woke up. Still no news on Supergirl though. In these three months I've only talked to Kara maybe ten times. Alex told me it wasn't just me she wasn't really talking to but everyone. Being in a coma really changed her. At first she was depressed, then she seemed to have no emotions whatsoever, and the last time I saw her , a couple days ago, she was happy.

      Every time I plan on telling her my feelings I always chicken out. I miss our late night cuddles and movie marathons, I want them back, I want her back. My life is so boring without her. I want to feel her arms around my waist again and her head on my chest.

      Currently I'm supposed to be writing up a paper about my latest idea, but can't focus. I close my computer and pick up my phone biting my lip trying to decide wether or not to call her. She probably has her phone off, she always does at this time, but it's worth a shot right?

      As I figured she didn't pick up. Sighing I open up my computer and finish my paper. Maybe I'll drop by Catco tomorrow. I put my jacket on and grab my purse then walk out of my office.


      I flop down on my bed and grab my phone off the nightstand. Opening it I scroll through all the pictures of me and Kara. I'd pay anything to have more moments like those with her. I just wish she'd at least text me. I could really go for one of her famous heart stopping smiles right about now.

      I could see myself settling down with her, having a family with her but starting off small like with a puppy. Seeing her with a puppy would probably kill me. Just thinking about being able to call her mine makes me feel all giddy. Spending the rest of my life with her would be amazing, getting to wake up to her beautiful face every morning, nonstop cuddling, holding hands, deep conversations, stolen kisses, cute texts randomly, making her laugh, just everything.

      We could move into a cute little house with a big yard and privacy, have a dog or two and two or three kids. I'd buy her the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that bring out the blue in her eyes even more. The more I think about all this the more I want it, the more I want her, not in a sexual way, but mostly how much more it makes me miss her. I feel myself slowly fading into sleep and I let it take me.

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