Chapter 6: The Plan

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AN: another short chapter. I've just been so busy lately and I'm tying to figure out how I'm going to write this. I know what I'm going to do for the end, it's just working my way up to that is the part I'm having writers block on.

Alex's POV

With Lena here all the time we can't put Kara under the sun bed. I've tried everything, but she still won't budge.

Im standing in the doorway watching Lena work next to Kara. Every few minutes she looks up hoping Kara's awake. That's when an idea pops in my head. I turn and walk out to go tell J'onn my idea. It's going to work, it has to, for Kara and everyone who needs Supergirl.


"I'm going to use the restroom real quick." I nod as Lena walks out of the room. Finally my plan can start. I mess with the heart monitor, that way it will go off and act like Kara's heart is failing. Then we'll take her back into the "surgical" room and put her under the sun bed. When lean asks to see her I'll tell her she's in ICU and can't have visitors. I'll also make sure the blinds are down, so she can't see Kara lying on the sun bed.


"Get her back into surgery!" Doctor Hamilton yells as Lena runs in.
"What the hell is going on?!" Lena asks
"Her heart is failing. Now please miss Luthor we need to get her into surgery."


My plan worked out perfectly. Lena's out in the hallway sitting in on of the chairs. I hate that I had to do that, but it needed to be done and now Lena's crying and scared out of her mind, that Kara, the only family she has left, is going to die. But she won't she's under the sun bed, and she was getting better without it. Hopefully now she can recover faster. Telling Lena about Kara would be so much easier, but I can't. If Kara wanted Lena to know she would have already told her.

AN: STILL WORKING UP TO THAT PLOT TWIST. YOU'LL KNOW WHEN ITS THE PLOT TWIST. You guys will probably hate the plot twist, BUT it adds drama, and drama's always fun... for the writer😏😈

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