Chapter 7: Will She Ever Return

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"You promised me Alexandra. You told me you would watch her and keep her safe. Now look where that's got her."

"I've been watching over her my whole life. I've always done what you asked. I did my best. After what happened with Astra she barely ever talked to me."

"What do you expect? You killed her aunt! Then her boyfriend turned into a crazy murderer, and forced her to kill innocents with him. Then when it was all over her sister wasn't there to catch her when she fell."

"I tried but she wouldn't let me."
"Well you should've tried harder. I've never been more disappointed in you Alexandra."
"Mom." Alex goes to grab her moms arm, but Eliza just shrugs it off.
"I need to go check up on her."

A tear escapes and runs down Alex's cheek as she watches her mom walk away. She quickly wipes the tear away right as Len comes around the corner.

"How much did you hear?"
"Enough." Lena says pulling Alex in for a hug.

Eliza arrived in National City the other day. Alex was scared to death that her mom would be mad, but mad was an understatement.

"She shouldn't have said all that. You do a great job at protecting Kara. Especially with your job."
" No she's right. I didn't try hard enough. I should've been there to catch her. I should have made her talk to me."

Alex's phone buzzes signaling that there's work to be done. She gives Lena a small smile, "Sorry, work."
" No it's fine go. It's probably something important."
"Thanks." Alex takes off down the hall.

"What's up?"
"This." J'onn says turning the tv volume up.

"It's officially been 2 months since our beloved superhero, supergirl, has disappeared. Some think she was killed by no other than a Lillian Luthor, others thinking she's recovering from her injuries. But the question that we all have been asking is if she really is dead, or if not will she ever return?
Earlier today Cat Grant released a video of herself saying what she thinks is going on, but is she right?"

'Hello people of National City, Cat Grant here. Now everyone's been wondering where the hell is the girl of steel? Well she's not dead. How do I know that? Well I just do. She's out there somewhere recovering from what happened. If you couldn't tell it's bad, she's probably fighting for her life as we speak.'

Cat takes of her glasses, placing them beside her on the desk. 'And all of you who still hate her have the right to, but you all should be ashamed of yourselfs. She risked her life to save one little girl, and that little girl still believed in her hero. She wasn't afraid of Supergirl, she knew that the hero would protect her with her life. Now get off your asses and clean up this city. Just because we don't have Supergirl cleaning up our streets doesn't mean we can wait for her to clean them up when she gets back.'

"We can always count on Cat to motivate us to clean up the streets of National City. Now to you Ben!"

"Thanks Erica! I'm on the streets of National City right now trying to get more info about Supergirl and what type of condition she's in. Mr. Olsen!"

"Yes?" James asks clearly annoyed
"Your friends with Supergirl. Do you know what her condition is?"
"All I can say is that she's alive, but isn't doing good." James starts to walk away.
"So is she in a coma or something else?"
"Yes she's in a coma."
"Do you know if she'll wake up anytime soon? Where is she? She's definitely not at any hospital in town."
"Im sorry, but I need to get to work."

"Well you heard it here first, National City's hero is in fact alive!"

"Cat's going to be pissed that James was holding out on her." Winn laughs
"Don't you have work to be doing Mr. Schott?" J'onn asks raising an eyebrow at him.
"I'm going to go check on Kara." I say walking away.


"How's she doing?" Lena asks as I close the door.
"Better. The doctors say she could wake up in weeks or even months."
Lena frowns looking at the ground, "So not anytime soon."
"Yeah. Hey could you do something for me?"
  "And you can't say no, you have to do it."
   "Okay?" Lena says looking confused.
  "Go to work go home."
  "No you said you would. Please just go home take a shower, sleep then go to work. I promise I'll call if anything happens."

    Lena glares at me, "Fine," she picks up her stuff and stands up, "but call me is anything happens."
  "I will." Well that went better than I thought it would.

     I watch as Lena walks out of the DEO. Last week I asked her what told her about Astra, she just told me that Kara said she was a criminal, and not just any criminal, but a dangerous one too. I killed her because she was about to kill Hank. Lena has no idea that Kara and her aunt are aliens, well that I know of.


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