Chapter 5

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Layla's pov.

He carried me over his shoulder all the way back to 'my' room or as I like to call it my prison cell. "Let me go! This is kidnapping!" I yelled as he tossed me on the bed and I bounced twice before settling. Before I had the chance to run he handcuffed me to the bed, again. "Uncuff me you ass!" I yelled at him furiously.
"I don't like those bad words coming out of your mouth kitten," he said teasingly but with a serious edge to it.
"Don't call me kitten you monster!" I screamed, red faced.
Hurt flitted across his face and he didn't bother to cover it up. "Why do you hate me so much?" he asked, sounding so sad that it hurt deep in my chest.
"Because you people killed my parents!" "Kitten, I don't know what happened to your father but, we didnt kill your mother. Yes it was wrong of them to take her but, she isn't dead,"

Ashton's pov.

Shock covered her face as she said "Take me to her! I wanna see her!"
"Ok kitten lets go," I said as I uncuffed her, I would do what I needed to do to make her haooy. I linked our hands and lead her down the stairs and down the hallway on our left. As we got to the right door, I opened it and let her in. "Mom!" she yelled as she let me go and ran to her mom. She wrapper her mom in a huge hug and appeared to not ever want to let go. Her mom looked over her daughters shoulder at me and mouthed 'thank you'. After an hour or two of talking Layla started yawning so I excused us and we headed towards her room. As soon as I closed the door Layla tackled me in a hug and whispered "thank you" in my ear over and over causing a joy I've never felt before fill me

I was watching Layla sleep. She looked so cute with almost silent snores coming out of her rosy, parted lips. I think I love her.

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